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Specialist Leaders

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Specialist Leaders

We pride ourselves on having the best guides on all of our safaris; from Africa and Asia, to the Arctic. However, we also run a number of very specialist safaris throughout the world, with real focusses, from fine art wildlife and landscape photography, to exploring with world-renowned, expert naturalists.

These safaris, we call them specialist led, give a unique twist on your safari experience, and are ideal for anyone with specific interests; be it photography or otherwise. They are led by people, famous in their field, and sometime beyond, for their expertise, and amazing skills at sharing their knowledge.

Below you’ll find a selection of some of our very specialist guides. Each section contains a short biography, some of their photos (if relevant), and links to our current safaris with them. Note that the banner on this page is a photo by fine-art photographer David Yarrow, who has previously led trips with us to Svalbard and South Georgia.

These specialist-led trips are some of the most coveted safaris we offer.