• Grizzly bear in the river, Canada

Why a Canada grizzly bear safari is completely unique

Why a Canada grizzly bear safari is completely unique

Canada may be instantly known for its Mounties, rocky mountains and grizzly bears, but this is just scratching the surface of a vast country that contains one third of the world’s boreal forest and some of the most thrilling wildlife and nature experiences on earth. The scenery is undeniably spectacular, from the majestic fjords and craggy coastline of British Columbia to the desolate tundra and Arctic ice floe of Churchill, and whatever your expectations are heading into this naturally rich world, be prepared for them to be met and exceeded.

Grizzly bear, Canada

Bear Country

Bear viewing in Canada is superlative in many ways. Not only can you see some of the largest bears on earth in the form of grizzlies and polar bears, but there is terrific range in where you can see them. We have specifically chosen lodges and locations that are in remote areas in the heart of bear country, such as Tweedsmuir Park Lodge in Bella Coola, where it is possible to see the odd grizzly bear wandering past the lodge, or even taking a nap on the lawn!  

The Island Roamer as another example will take you to Kitasoo Spirit Bear Conservancy to spy these unique bears with a recessive gene that gives them their unusually pale appearance. Less unusually pale are the polar bears found in Churchill, Northern Manitoba, and our specialist expeditions on the tundra that mean you are highly likely to come face-to-face with the King of the Arctic.

Here you can see grizzlies, black bears and even the elusive spirit bears.

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Polar bear cubs, Arctic

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