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India Safaris

India is a true riot for the senses – you will be overwhelmed by colour, sound, taste and the sheer scale of this land which contains over one billion people. The seventh largest country in the world and with several hundred languages, India is dozens of countries in one. Indian holidays explore teeming cities, tropical jungles, awe-inspiring mountain ranges, sandy beaches, symbolic rivers, quiet backwaters, wildlife havens, temperate hill stations and parched deserts; India really does have it all. We do not recommend trying to see all of India in your first visit, instead, choose a region and spend two to three weeks discovering the highlights, saving the rest of India's delights for your next safari in India. 

Once you have fallen for India’s irrepressible charm, you won't be able to resist returning again and again.

Our tiger safaris have enjoyed 100% sighting success rate in the last 3 years - we ensure the best access and use highly experienced trackers.

Kerala backwaters, India

India Highlights

Unique Experiences: Enjoy cycling tours and cultural village visits, and experience the rich colours and aromas of Old Delhi's back streets and bazaars. 

Romantic Beauty: Houseboats on the Keralan backwaters, the Taj Mahal, erotic statues and more. 

Beautiful Cuisine: Interactive cooking experiences & the rich aromatic food typical of the continent

Unicorn Rhino: See the endangered one-horned Rhino of the Assam region. 

Track Snow Leopards: Follow the tracks of snow leopards through the stunning Himalayas.

Tiger Tracking: Track the majestic big cats in their natural environment throughout the parks of India

Amazing Wildlife: Feel like you’re Mowgli in The Jungle Book, as you explore the meadows and forests of India's national parks full of sloth bears, snakes, wolves, monkeys, and deer. 

One-horned rhino, India

Why we like India

A fascinating and magical destination that combines majestic wildlife, astounding culture, amazing beaches and more - the only problem is you’ll want to come back again and again.

  • Dramatic landscapes: Snow-capped mountains, wild jungles, vast beaches; India has a huge mix of landscapes to explore.
  • The ultimate tiger tracking destination: We know some of the best guides for tracking the magical big cats through India’s national parks.
  • Stunning wildlife: Tigers stalk through the jungles, cheeky monkeys play in the trees and snow leopards prowl the mountains. This is a wildlife haven, great for big cats and birds especially.

India Wildlife Highlights

  • Asian Elephants
  • Asiatic Lion
  • One Horned Rhino
  • Bengal Tiger
Bengal tiger safari, India
Tiger, India


Standards can vary greatly in India. Whilst service remains exceptionally high in almost all areas, conditions outside of the larger towns and cities can be considerably more basic and you would do well to expect the unexpected. The legend that all travellers will succumb to Delhi Belly is a myth – but only if the necessary precautions are taken; be careful with street food, wash your hands regularly and only drink bottled water. It is wise to take good care of your valuables in big cities and on train journeys but the majority of Indians possess a genuine friendly curiosity and will merely want to chat with you to learn more about your family and background.


India is traditionally known more for being a cultural destination rather than a wildlife destination. This, however, is far from the truth. With sloth bears, Asian elephants, Asiatic lions, tigers and more, India has a huge amount of wildlife on offer. For further information on tiger safaris, please visit best time to see tigers and the best places to see tigers in India.

The travel alone in India can be a thrill; plane and train are by far the most effective ways to travel.

Walking safari, India

A vast land of contrasts

India is a land of stark contrasts; discover for yourself how the frenetic and fast-developing cities differ from the rest of the country, where the way of life has remained virtually the same for centuries. The sheer ornate beauty of India’s palaces contrast strongly with the simple rural homes of the majority of her citizens. It is no secret that India contains some of the world’s richest people, as well as some of her poorest, but it is this very contrast which is so fascinating, making India one of the most culturally rich and enthralling safari holiday destinations in the world.

Although India's national parks may be busier, and wildlife a little more sparse, than their African counterparts, Indian safaris offer something different altogether. Track majestic tigers, look out for sloth bears and spotted deer, keep your eyes peeled for over 1,000 species of bird and perhaps even spot Indian rhino, Asiatic lions and Asian leopards.

Although you won’t find such dense wildlife as in Africa, India has some thrilling wildlife encounters to combine perfectly with its vibrant culture.

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Tiger in puddle - India - Copyright Richard Denyer

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View our India safaris, or talk to one of our specialists for more details on travelling to India. Please note we recommend a budget of from £4,000 / $5,500 USD per person for our style of trip to this destination.