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Why Safaris to Norway are Truly Unique

Why Safaris to Norway are Truly Unique

Norway may not be thought of as a safari destination, but the breath-taking scenery and unique wildlife that inhabit Norway’s cold north make it a top location for those looking for an off-the-beaten-track experience. From the colourful houses of Tromso to the towering peaks of The Lofoten Islands, not to mention the astounding Aurora Borealis, Norway offers a myriad of activities to enjoy. If you fancy heading even further into the Arctic, travel to Svalbard aboard one of our expedition ships for wild encounters with polar bears, walrus, seals and more.

We like to offer exclusive safaris that travel deeper into our destinations to give our clients unforgettable experiences; with Norway, this means travelling north.  

Lying far above the Arctic Circle, The Lofoten Islands are a rare European wilderness. A selection of traditional fishing villages, The Lofoten Islands now offer numerous adventure activities such as hiking, skiing, ocean rafting and scuba diving while also being a great location for wildlife sightings such as seabird colonies, otters and moose.

Swimming with Killer Whales in Norway

Swimming with Killer Whales in Norway
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Unique, Unusual, Unforgettable

Apart from the obvious activities of hiking and seeing the Northern Lights, Norway offers plenty of more obscure sites and activities for those looking for something a little out-of-the-ordinary. Whether you choose to walk along the Red Beach at Mjelle, explore glacial caves in Nigardsbreen or photograph eider ducks on the Vega Islands you can thoroughly enjoy the unique landscapes of Norway while having something new and exciting to write home about. Why not travel to the North Cape, the very top of Europe which looks out at the gateway to the Arctic?

If eating out is your thing Tromso offers a complete unique experience with an exclusive romantic meal for two on board an old whaling boat, the Vulkana, which has been converted into a luxury spa and restaurant. With the entire boat to yourself, you will be able to relax and enjoy the Arctic spa, sauna, outside hot tub with views over the fjords, and a wonderful three-course meal cooked especially for the two of you. 

This is a truly extraordinary opportunity to top off your Norway honeymoon.

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