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Graeme Purdy

Expert Photographic Guide

Wildlife photographer Graeme Purdy has honed his art by photographing some of the most iconic and beautiful animals from around the world over the last two decades. From the arctic to Siberian forests, from Africa's jungles to it's open savannah as well as the depths of world's oceans Graeme has amassed a wealth of photographic knowledge to help you advance your own photography skills and develop your portfolio. In 2021, Graeme was awarded 2nd place in the Sony World Photography Awards (Wildlife and Nature Category) and his image entitled ‘Raw Nature’ of a lion was selected for the front cover of the Sony World Photography Awards 2021 book.

Graeme's work, including his Eight Feet collection, has been published and exhibited around the world. Graeme is known for his innovative and unique up close and personal style that gets him (or his camera) into the inner world of nature's most amazing wildlife.. The driver for this collection and all of Graeme's work remains his passion for wildlife conservation and protecting wild places around the world.

“Born and raised in Northern Ireland, my photography has been inspired by nature, wild animals and my love of the outdoors. More recently, I am driven to help protect our wildlife and wild places - driven to make images that connect viewers with nature, understand them and become inclined to take action.

I feel my best work is achieved by going the extra mile, looking at wildlife from a different perspective and not following the crowd. Ultimately, my goal is to give viewers a fresh perspective on wildlife that drives greater empathy and action towards conservation and the environment.

I will not hold back in sharing with you my thought processes, insights and knowledge. I will act as your guide and photography coach, helping you to capture a portfolio of wildlife images that you will be proud of.”

Graeme’s limited edition prints have also been included in the Prints for Wildlife Campaign which aims to raise funds for the non-profit conservation organisation, African Parks Network, which manages national parks for the benefit of local communities. Graeme will then take the helm of one of our Svalbard Polar Bear Explorer departures in May 2023. You can find more information on these exciting trips in the links.