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Why Antarctic holidays and expeditions are truly unique

Why Antarctic holidays and expeditions are truly unique

Following the paths set down by the first polar explorers on board ice-strengthened expedition ships, sailing through a landscape of sea-sculpted icebergs and crashing glaciers, Antarctica is the perfect destination for travellers who wish to experience one of the world’s last truly wild frontiers.

The surface of the 7th continent covers a mind-boggling 14 million kilometres and, as you might expect from the remotest of the Earth’s continents, the conditions are foreboding.

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Planning and what to expect

Planning and what to expect

When planning your visit to the Antarctic timing is crucial as the visiting season is very limited, running from November through to February. During this time the sun does not dip below the horizon, casting us in an ever-ambient light. However, as soon as April comes, the area is cast into permanent darkness, making it completely unnavigable for tourists, rising around September once again. To guarantee a space in this short travel period, early booking is essential.

The ships themselves vary in standard from more basic to deluxe cabins and your time on board the expeditionary boats we work with will be anything but dull. 

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Amazing wildlife & incredible scenery

The elements of wind, cold and dryness all prevail here in their most extreme form but this should not be considered a deterrent, as the epic scenery and wildlife can be comfortably observed from the excellently equipped expedition ships that specialise in navigating the area. The Antarctic Peninsula itself is just under 48 hours from Ushuaia in Argentina by boat and is surprisingly mild, with temperatures of up to 15 degrees Celsius, despite having the highest average elevation of all continents. You can also fly to Antarctic mainland from Cape Town. 

The range of exotic wildlife in this completely natural setting makes Antarctica completely spellbinding; loveable and comic penguins, including Emperors, Adelie, gentoo, Rockhopper and more, are found in huge numbers and may be witnessed hatching, feeding or courting depending on the time of year. Humpback, Minke, Sperm and Southern Right whales are often seen on migratory routes, while the rare Blue Whale may even be sighted on occasion. There are also a total of six different seal species, all with different characteristics and habits, and some stunning birding, with Albatross and Petrels ruling the sky.

Witness clumsy penguins in massive numbers, see lazy seals floating past on ice drifts and whales breaching the wild and wet southern ocean.

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At Natural World Safaris we frequently monitor the social, economic and environmental impact of our travel operations to ensure we are at the forefront of a sustainable and ethical tourism industry. 

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