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Why Uganda holidays are truly unique

In contrast to Kenya and Tanzania, Uganda is a compact, rich, and fertile country which can offer both the savannah plains of Queen Elizabeth National Park as well as the Impenetrable Forest of Bwindi. 

Uganda offers something entirely different to its neighbouring countries in East Africa with many travellers deciding to visit Uganda only after having enjoyed a traditional safari in Kenya or Tanzania first. Tourism is relatively new, and does not have the extensive infrastructure of the aforementioned countries, but what Uganda does offer is authenticity, fewer crowds and a lot more variety than one would expect in its own individual way. Due to the limited infrastructure Uganda is still a relatively expensive destination, but we can blend the right accommodation and activities to design the perfect itinerary for you. Find out when the best time to visit Uganda and the differences between the months to help you plan your trip.

Where else in the world can you experience tracking the endangered mountain gorillas through the forests, and the same day find yourself on the plains in scorching heat searching for the elusive tree climbing lions?

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Uganda Holiday Highlights

Mountain Gorillas: Undoubtedly the highlight of the destination, and the reason for most visitors, is to track the endangered mountain gorillas.

Savannah Game: Here, you can experience traditional safaris alongside the gorilla tracking, spotting the big five and the big cats. 

Tree Climbing Lions: Unlike most African destinations, here you can see lions relaxing in the shady trees rather than underneath them!

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Why we like Uganda

Uganda gives you the opportunity to combine some of the best parts of African safaris, and in our opinion is a totally underrated destination that deserves more attention.

Amazing accommodation: The accommodation in Uganda ranges in quality, but we never make compromises on location. See some of the most incredible vistas in the whole of Africa from your private balcony...

Incredible combos: Uganda’s location makes it perfect for combining with lots of other African destinations, including Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania. And you can add some beaches on too!

The ultimate destination for mountain gorilla tracking: Track the mountain gorillas in two national parks, combine that with some incredible savannah game, all in the one country.

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The Pearl of Africa

The variety of Uganda overall is astonishing when compared to the savannah countries of East Africa; not only does one have access to the majority of the savannah game that you would see in the Serengeti or the Masai Mara but you also have over a thousand species of bird, two national parks where you can track the mountain gorillas, a variety of habitats where you can track chimpanzees and a wide variety of forests, lakes and mountains.

Those looking for a more traditional Uganda holiday should include Queen Elizabeth National Park in their itinerary. Located between Lake George and Lake Edwards, this huge reserve is home to almost 100 mammals including lions, leopards, elephant and buffalo and well as incredibly diverse flora (with five distinct climatic zones within its borders) and over 500 bird species. Game viewing can take place either by vehicle or by boat, usually along the Kazinga Channel connecting the two lakes, where many hippo can be spotted. Lodges and camps within the park are varied in both size and affordability and we can choose those which match your requirements.

It is estimated that over 50% of the world’s population of mountain gorillas reside in Uganda’s conservation areas, making it the place to go to experience this astonishingly human-like animal in its natural habitat.

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