For absolute luxury, incredible wildlife and astounding experiences, Botswana is your location. Renowned for its luxurious accommodation, it has everything you could want from a safari destination, and combines well with beach locations such as Mauritius.

Why Botswana holidays and safaris are truly unique

Why Botswana holidays and safaris are truly unique

Landlocked, largely unspoiled, and with one of the lowest population densities on the planet, Botswana is home to some of the most stunning geographical settings and most extraordinary wildlife on the continent making Botswana holidays the ultimate in luxury. Here, visitor numbers have been regulated to ensure that vast tracts of the protected wilderness terrains which collectively account for 20% of the country’s land mass, stay in pristine condition. This provides the visitor with a truly authentic safari experience and a promise of real adventure. Botswana holidays are the pinnacle of any African safari enthusiasts career.



Numerous enthralling multicentre combinations exist, including twinning the dramatic elephant herds of Chobe with the waterways of the Delta or the luxury of Chief's Island and the dramatic Victoria Falls of Zambia with the wildlife of the Okavango Delta and the Garden Route of South Africa. Due to the remoteness of Botswana’s reserves, prices may often appear more expensive than other safaris in Africa, but with this premium comes an assurance that you will be visiting some of the world’s most original wildlife destinations that are sure to impress. 

Landscapes & Wildlife of Big Cat Country

In excess of twice the size of the UK and lying at altitudes ranging from 900 to 1,300 metres, Botswana is primarily made up of the harsh salt pans and the luscious inland delta system of the Okavango River, which creates unique ecosystems that allow for some of the best wildlife safari holidays in Africa. These ecosystems make up National Parks such as Chobe and the Okavango Delta which are once again divided into a variety of other reserves and private concessions throughout the country. Throughout Botswana’s parks and reserves you can find nearly every mammal species found throughout the whole of southern Africa; from huge herds of elephants and buffalo (Chobe National Park), healthy prides of lions, lonesome leopards and slender cheetahs, to playful meerkats in the Makgadikgadi Pans and herds of wildebeest and zebra. And it’s not just wildlife that you will find in Botswana, the UNESCO world heritage site of Tsodilo Hills and the hunter-gatherer San Bushmen population add to the cultural richness of the country.

Varying in standard, we try to blend the ideal standard of accommodation with the best Botswana safari opportunities to maximise your experience, whether you are planning a romantic Botswana honeymoon, a family holiday, or even just heading out alone to capture some beautiful photos.

Each accommodation, as well as each safari we design, has that something just that little bit different to the next, making Botswana safari holidays truly unique.

GREAT for families

GREAT for families

Shinde Camp offers a fantastic family program where you camp out, learn how to cook patties, understand the difference between lion and giraffe poo, and do some star gazing!

A lot of camps have family tents which are perfect for giving you that extra bit of space and being in private concessions means you won't have to worry about your children disturbing anyone.


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