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About Karim Iliya, Expert Marine Guide

Karim Iliya is a photographer, filmmaker, future space explorer, and whale swimming guide based in Iceland and Hawaii. He was recently selected as part of the dearMoon mission aboard the Starship rocket. Karim and the rest of the dearMoon crew will undertake the first civilian flight around the moon.

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Karim grew up in the Middle East and Asia and developed a curiosity for the natural world which has taken him into the midst of exploding volcanoes, battling whales, ice worlds of the Arctic, and many of the fascinating places where humans and animals make their homes. In summer, Karim leads whale swimming trips in the South Pacific and elsewhere, introducing people to the ocean’s gentle giants.

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Through his photography and films, Karim takes his audiences to hidden underwater worlds as well as documenting other natural places in an effort to protect our delicate ecosystems on Earth. Karim has worked in over 45 countries, won multiple awards and been published in National Geographic Magazine and BBC Earth. He recently cofounded Kogia, a non-profit media library and film team dedicated to ocean conservation. 

Before rocketing his way around the Moon, join  Karim as he leads one of our 2024 Svalbard Polar Bear Explorer trips, in search of stunning frozen landscapes and incredible Arctic wildlife including the polar bear, reindeer, seals, Arctic fox, whales, and more! 

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