• Andrew James in the Falkland Islands

About Andrew James, Professional Photographer and Specialist Guide

Andrew James is a professional photographer, writer and tutor who spends his time shooting images, writing about the technical and creative aspects of photography and leading photographers on workshops and holidays in the UK and all around the world.

He has particular experience working in frozen landscapes, serving as an expert photographic guide on our 2014 expedition that explored South Georgia and the Falkland Islands, as well as our 2017 expedition to photograph the wildlife and landscapes of Antarctica. In the past year Andrew has also lead photography trips to explore the amazing scenery and wildlife of both Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

Andrew James in Antarctica
He is the former editor-in-chief of Practical Photography and Digital Photo - two of the best-known photography magazines in the UK - and continues to write for the UK photo press, producing a monthly article for Digital Camera Magazine (also known as Digital Camera World outside of the UK). His expertise is also found on FotoBuzz, an online photography community.
Andrew James in Antarctica
Andrew’s editorial background ensures his photography is varied and creative. He always aims to shoot images that have both artistic and technical merit, but his emphasis is always on producing photographs that are full of atmosphere and interest.
Brown bear in Kamchatka |© Andrew James


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