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Ultimate Dinosaurs

With Prof Ben Garrod is now touring in theatres across the UK.

Ultimate Dinosaurs is the hit stage show starring dinosaur aficionado Prof Ben Garrod. Get ready to go on an exciting, prehistoric adventure as Ben introduces you to the deadliest predators that ever roamed the planet. Yes, dinosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus rex, Allosaurus and Spinosaurus may even have walked or swam right where you are now! Pitting the knowledge of unwitting adults against the all-knowing kids, Ben presents an interactive, educational and highly entertaining show. So, come and test your knowledge against Dr Ben in this hit live interactive show, which is bigger and better than ever.

Dr Ben Garrod

Evolutionary Biologist & Great Ape Conservationist

Dr Ben Garrod is an evolutionary biologist and expert primatologist, having spent the last decade working on great ape conservation projects across the globe. He is also an award-winning TV presenter, working with the BBC on a number of television programmes including The Day the Dinosaurs Died, Secrets of Bones and Attenborough and the Giant Dinosaur alongside Sir David Attenborough.

After completing a BSc in Animal Behaviour at Anglia Ruskin University and an MSc in Wild Animal Biology from the Royal Veterinary College, Ben completed a PhD with UCL and the Zoological Society of London. His thesis, entitled ‘Primates of the Caribbean’, looked at monkey evolution on tropical islands. He now works as a Teaching Fellow at Anglia Ruskin University.

Ben has travelled all over the world working on conservation projects, particularly focusing on great ape conservation.

-Dr Ben's Projects-

"The Chimpanzee & Me"

In an interview with world-renowned primatologist Dr Jane Goodall, Ben shows how we can protect the chimps of the future and help conserve this endlessly fascinating species. He spent several years in Uganda developing a chimpanzee conservation field site for the Jane Goodall Institute, where he was responsible for habituating troops of wild chimpanzees.

Orangutans – Extinction is Forever

How our choice of toothpaste might save our closest cousins

Read the BBC Article below

By Dr Ben Garrod, an evolutionary biologist, primatologist and broadcaster and contributor to the Red Ape documentary. He has worked extensively with an orangutan conservation charity in South East Asia, studied introduced monkeys throughout the Caribbean and led numerous wildlife watching tours in the Svalbard archipelago. He is a Trustee of the Jane Goodall Institute UK, an Ambassador for the Marine Conservation Society and a Council Member for the Primate Society of Great Britain, as well as being affiliated with a number of other charities and organisations.

Ben returned to Uganda in September to lead a primate-focused safari with NWS, tracking the mountain gorillas of Bwindi Forest National Park and the chimpanzees of Kibale Forest, sharing his in-depth knowledge of these incredible apes and their threatened habitats.

Ben Garrod

"I am fascinated by evolution and passionate about conservation and often find I have linked the two together. I am an academic, conservationist, broadcaster and author. I want people to not only think about their place in the natural world but also about the impact they have upon it."