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Why Mozambique safaris are truly unique

The coast of Mozambique is renowned for its idyllic, palm-fringed beaches, sloping down to meet the azure waters of the Indian Ocean where colourful fish, sea turtles and whale sharks abound and dhows sail gracefully across the horizon. From the bustling city of Maputo, with its characteristic Mediterranean-style architecture, to the secluded tropical islands of the Quirimbas Archipelago, Mozambique is an incredible yet relatively undiscovered destination. 


Mozambique also boasts its fair share of distinctive African wildlife, with big game species such as elephant, lion and rhino roaming freely across the border between South Africa’s Kruger and Limpopo National Park. Reopened in 1998, the famed Gorongosa National Park is well on the way to recovery following the conflict of the Civil War and is now considered a biodiversity ‘hotspot’, offering an off-the-beaten track safari experience for the more intrepid traveller.


Luxury beach resorts and traditional safari camps, coral reefs and savannah grasslands; a safari to Mozambique perfectly combines adventure and relaxation.

Ibo Island Lodge, Mozambique


Measuring longer than the east coast of the USA and stretching from the characterful capital city of Maputo in the south to the paradise islands of the Quirimbas archipelago in the north, the coastline of Mozambique is one of Africa’s best kept secrets.

The pristine beaches surrounding the small fishing village of Tofo have long attracted backpackers seeking the incredible diving opportunities and laid-back atmosphere. Manta rays, dolphins and whale sharks are permanent residents of the warm coastal waters, and there are a number of diving and snorkelling expeditions available for you to swim alongside them. Further north, the more peaceful islands of the Bazaruto archipelago are among the few remaining places to see the rare and elusive dugong, with colourful coral reefs also hosting an extraordinary diversity of marine life.

In the north, the stunning palm-fringed coastline of Cabo Delgado province gives way to the Quirimbas archipelago, a collection of tropical islands dotted with sumptuous but unimposing resorts. Ibo, the most-well known island, was a former trading post and is a melting pot of Portuguese, Swahili and African cultures, its streets lined with faded colonial villas that provide a glimpse into the islands turbulent history.

Relax and unwind on stunning beaches and discover the underwater world of the Indian Ocean; the ideal conclusion to your African safari.

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Ibo Island Lodge, Mozambique

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