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-Latest News-

Keith led one of our exclusive photography safaris to Svalbard in 2018 with another renowned Nat Geo photographer, Andy Mann. With a grand total of 38 bear sightings, it was a truly record-breaking safari!

Keith Ladzinski


Focusing on natural history, extreme sports and advertising, New York-born Keith Ladzinski is both a photographer and videographer. Raised in Colorado, Keith developed his photography skills from a young age through his love of rock climbing and wildlife, and has successfully gone on to work in the far reaches of all seven continents on numerous expeditions, capturing footage from around the globe.

Keith's Gear List

Photography : Canon R5, RF 15-35mm f/2.8, RF 28-70mm f/2, RF 85mm 1.2, RF 70-200mm 1.2, 600mm f/4

-Keith's Projects-

National Geographic & Nominations

Keith Ladzinski is a National Geographic Photographer and Emmy nominated director. His work primarily focuses on natural history, climate change, extreme sports, fine art and advertising campaigns, sending him to the furthest reaches of the 7 continents multiple times over on photo and film assignments. Keith is the co-founder of Triage Creative, a founding member of the Sea Legacy Collective and has worked for clients globally including Apple, Disney, Google, Nike, Toyota, Adidas, Oprah Network, Canon, Discovery, Subaru, Red Bull, The North Face, OPPO, The New York Times, and National Geographic TV.

Keith is a highly decorated photographer and has earned 1st place honors from Communication Arts, PDN, The International Library of Photography and National Geographic. He's photographed over 100 magazine cover stories for a wide variety of publications globally including National Geographic Magazine, the Washington Post Sunday Magazine and the front page of the New York Times.

His work as a Director and Director of Photography have earned Keith 3 Telly's and 2 Emmy nominations.

The Power of Versatility

National Geographic photographer and Canon Explorer of Light Keith Ladzinski shares his experiences in the field and the techniques, gear, and solutions he's used along the way.


"There's nowhere in my life that I'm as focused than when I'm behind my camera. It's a respite and portal of creative tunnel vision that becomes more addicting each year"