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Joshua Barton


Joshua Barton is an experienced underwater wildlife photographer who has travelled to all corners of the globe capturing unique moments on camera.

Joshua Barton is an American who has been based in India since 1995. A businessman by trade, he has been photographing wildlife on land and sea – initially for enjoyment and challenge – and increasingly for documentation and education. His underwater photographs of a blue whale casualty from ship strike was among the first ever, and underwater imagery of a blue whale that had been attacked by orca was the first such pictures captured and his photographs conclusive proof of orca predation on blues. He is now working on a book about the Cauvery river of southern India

Based in Bangalore in India, Joshua still travels extensively for his work and is known for having perhaps the best knowledge of Djibouti in Africa in terms of wildlife, locations and photography. Thanks to his experience you will be able to get up close and personal with gentle whale sharks off the coast of Djibouti and also learn a great deal from Joshua during your safari. He will be happy to give you tips on equipment, lighting and composition to help you get the best images.

His photographs have been published in over dozens of newspapers over the year, and magazines worldwide making him a recognised name in his field, including National Geographic, International Wildlife, Better Photography, the Washington Post and others. Joshua keenly explores the coasts and islands of the world for new locations and great sea life encounters. Taking the time to scout new locations, gathering information from locals, scientists, and like-minded adventurers, he has developed a knowledge base of diverse locations and the best times and ways to visit, for the best encounters. From Central Madagascar to North Sumatra, Southern Ethiopia to North-east India Joshua has searched for and found outstanding locations for pristine wildlife encounters and photography. In 2016, Joshua’s group with Picture Adventure were the first non-professionals to photograph transient orcas underwater off Sri Lanka – and among the first anywhere in the world to do so. As an accomplished photographer himself, Joshua works with his expedition clients to guide them in using the right equipment, the right settings, and the finding the right moments and perspectives to get the shots that his clients come across the world to capture

Alongside Patrick Dykstra, Joshua Barton’s photographic clients in Sri Lanka with Natural World Safaris were the first non-professional group to capture transient orcas underwater off the coast of Mirissa.

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"As a photographer, I felt I owed it to the viewer to provide something that represented me, my effort, my time, my passion. A painter or sculptor will put days, months or even years into providing one great work; so as a photographer I want to do more than press a button on a machine made by someone else to take a card-full of snapshots - I want to show people things that they dream of, in ways that they hadn't imagined."