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About Joshua Barton, expert underwater photographer and expedition leader

About Joshua Barton, expert underwater photographer and expedition leader

Joshua Barton is an experienced underwater wildlife photographer who has travelled to all corners of the globe capturing unique moments on camera. His photographs have been published in numerous newspapers and magazines worldwide making him a recognised name in his field.

Joshua Barton Photo

Based in Bangalore in India, Joshua still travels extensively for his work and is known for having perhaps the best knowledge of Djibouti in Africa in terms of wildlife, locations and photography. Thanks to his experience you will be able to get up close and personal with gentle whale sharks off the coast of Djibouti and also learn a great deal from Joshua during your safari. He will be happy to give you tips on equipment, lighting and composition to help you get the best images.   

Alongside Patrick Dykstra, Joshua Barton’s photographic clients in Sri Lanka with Natural World Safaris were the first non-professional group to capture transient orcas underwater off the coast of Mirissa.

Travel with Joshua to Djibouti or Norway for incredible underwater encounters and photographic opportunities.

Whale sharks, Djibouti | © Joshua Barton


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