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New Collaboration

66°North and Benjamin Hardman Explore Icelandic Landscapes In New Collaboration

Iceland-born label 66°North explores the great outdoors with protective gear in mind. The brand recently collaborated with UK designer Charlie Constantinou while tapping Selfridges for a festival-ready drop. As the colder months approach, 66°North is uniting with longtime partner and photographer Benjamin Hardman on an exclusive Mælifell fisherman hat. The petite accessory has become Hardman’s trademark, constantly sitting on his head through alfresco exploration. Born in Australia and residing in Iceland, Hardman has embraced adventurous lifestyles by putting his life on the edge and keeping shielding comfort at the forefront.

Benjamin Hardman

Nature Photographer & Videographer

Benjamin Hardman is an Australian nature photographer, based in Iceland. Benjamin’s fine-art works encapsulate the North’s most obscure landscapes – the barren, cold and volatile environments that are inhabited by glaciers, volcanic mountains and resilient wildlife.

Dividing his time between Iceland, Greenland and Svalbard, Benjamin’s photographic career has been forged through exploring the remote wilderness of the Arctic. Using social media as a platform to share his visions and experiences of nature and life in the North, he has accumulated an audience of 650,000 people.

After 10 years working in the photography and film industry on productions for companies such as Netflix and the BBC, and more than 30 assignments as a polar expedition photography specialist, Benjamin has developed a deep connection and passion for documenting the lands of Iceland, Greenland, Svalbard and Antarctica.

Five years ago, Benjamin Hardman embarked on his first photographic mission in an Arctic winter climate. Ever since, Benjamin’s passion for the cold has driven him further in his search of the North’s most obscure landscapes. Now calling the southern countryside of Iceland home, Benjamin divides his time between a range of photographic assignments and solo exploration of the ever-surprising Icelandic nature.

Gear List

Photography: Sony A7R IV, DJI Mavic 3 Cine. Cinema: RED Dragon-X 6K, Ronin 2, Easyrig w/ STABIL G2 arm and DJI Inspire 2 & X7. DZO FF Lens set and Atlas Anamorphic 40mm.

Selected Client List

Benjamin has worked on assignments for such clients as Silverback Films, Netflix, BBC, 66 North, DJI, Icelandair, Olympus, Goretex, Land Rover, Suzuki, National Geographic, as well as the tourism boards of Visit Svalbard, Visit Faroe Islands, Visit Greenland, Travel Alberta and Inspired by Iceland.

-Ben's Personal Artworks-

Editing Masterclass

With a passion for teaching his minimalistic photography techniques and post-processing methods, Benjamin has been leading photographic workshops in Iceland and across the Arctic for over five years. Benjamin is known his fine-art approach to photography with a distinct minimalistic aesthetic focused on the landscapes of Iceland and the polar regions.

Kofi Galleri

Born from the desire to gather, share and see, the Kofi Gallerí lives in the heart of Reykjavík holding the photos and stories of Chris Burkard and Benjamin Hardman while celebrating Iceland's heritage through the collaboration with 66 North.

You Tube

Short films about photography and expedition reports from Iceland and the Polar regions. Ben's You Tube Channel

Sl Benjamin Hardman

" Further - A short film on my journey of living and capturing images in Iceland. Earlier this summer I joined forces with my closest friends at 66° North to reach a remote area of Vatnajökull by plane. My goal was to realise a dream of shooting over a specific section of ice on Breiðamerkurjökull, something that I’d been planning out for years. Of course, the classic unpredictable Icelandic weather threw many challenges at us along the way, but eventually we made it. What came out of this mission is a great story of my background in Iceland and the journey of seeing this country from the sky. "