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Madagascar Safaris

The only place in the world where you can see lemurs in the wild, Madagascar is home to a unique plethora of wildlife. Boggle-eyed chameleons, dancing lemurs, and leaf-tailed geckos are just the start.

Madagascar is a destination like no other and has even been named the ‘8th continent’ for its enchanting beauty and resplendent breadth of diversity. An early breakaway from the earth’s single landmass Gondwanaland over 165 million years ago, this stunning island, located 250 miles off the coast of East Africa, is the world’s fourth-largest. The majestic Red Island's landscapes vary from palm and forest-fringed beaches, to semi-arid deserts, limestone pinnacles, volcanoes, and grassy plateaus. Combined with the immense diversity of the wildlife on offer, Madagascar is often referred to as the 'Galapagos of Africa', still providing to this day, one of the most unique and unheard of wildlife adventures left on the planet.

"In this unique environment, even time feels skewed, as if the twin processes of evolution and extinction are happening simultaneously. Rustling with bug-eyed lemurs, shy geckos, giant moths, and other freaks of nature, this island in the Indian Ocean will give up its secrets if you’re willing to be patient."

Sophy Roberts, writing for Condé Nast Traveller travelling with Natural World Safaris.

Madagascar Photography Safari 2017

Madagascar Safari Highlights

Wildlife - brimming with endemic flora and fauna, a hugely fascinating culture, and equally diverse geography, a Madagascar safari does not disappoint.

Forest Lodges & boutique beach retreats - whether you are looking for remote luxury, to be immersed in weird and wonderful wildlife, a romantic getaway, or a family-friendly retreat, these days Madagascar has it all.

Up Close and Personal – Madagascar safaris offer some of the most exciting and unique wildlife on the planet, the ideal safari destination for families of all ages.

Greater bamboo lemur, Madagascar
Breaching humpback, Madagascar June

Island Biodiversity

Some of Madagascar's main attractions are the island's weird and wonderful lemurs. Not found anywhere else in the world, they have few natural predators and live here in relative abundance. Each with its own character and identity, living in its own unique habitat, an encounter with these endearing creatures is truly unforgettable. From the smallest mammal in the world – the nocturnal mouse lemur – to dancing sifaka, teddy-bear like indri and eerie-looking aye-ayes, a Madagascar safari does not disappoint.

These heart-warming primates however, are not the only attraction on what is known as ‘The Red Island’. With 98% of the island’s native reptiles and amphibians (made up almost exclusively of frogs!) being endemic, there are opportunities galore to interact with these bizarre inhabitants, from chameleons the size of a fingernail, to one of our favourites, the ultra-camouflaged leaf tailed geckos.

Madagascar safaris are not like traditional African safaris where you explore by 4x4, here you take in the wildlife on foot. A prime destination for getting up close and personal with the wildlife you meet along the way, learning about the small things as much as the big, and taking in the sheer diversity of one of our planet's forgotten havens. Madagascar drifted from mainland Africa way before any big cats, elephants or apes evolved, making this one of the most diverse and unusual wildlife safari hotspots in the world today.

Madagascar safaris in themselves can be challenging; roads are rough, transport infrastructure is minimal and distances are long. However, the efforts you need to put in are more than compensated for by the friendliness of the Malagasy people, the wide choice of comfortable accommodation, and the diversity of the culture, geography, climate, wildlife and people. If you are prepared to put up with some of the hardships, then Madagascar is well worth the investment of your time.

To counter some of the adventures of your Madagascar safari, take the time to relax at the end, head to the coast, and relax in one of the luxury lodges that you can now enjoy. Some of our favourites include Masoala Forest Lodge, Miavana, Anjajavy, and Princesse Bora Lodge.


Frog, Madagascar
Giraffe necked weavil, Madagascar

Natural World Safaris in Madagascar

Madagascar is a unique and quirky destination. Road distances on Google Maps are meaningless, published flight schedules unreliable and online reservations hit or miss. A poor country with undeveloped infrastructure, you need to know the lay of the land in order to plan a trip here.

Our Founder & CEO spent many years here guiding, while several other members of the team have also spent extended periods of time in Madagascar. We know it well and have several contacts and personal friends in-country who we can rely on. While you are away you also have access to our 24/7 emergency line so you can speak to somebody in our UK office at any time of day or night.

We use the very best English speaking guides. You’ll also always have both a private naturalist guide and driver; this is a destination where you want your driver to keep his eyes on the road, not sharing stories and information while looking out for points of interest. Our focus is wildlife, including up-close and personal encounters.
Photographers in Madagascar | © Shannon Wild


Over the 17 years that Natural World Safaris has been established, we've sent clients all over the globe, to some of the most remote and least travelled parts of the planet. Our relationships provide us exclusive access to experiences you simply can’t get through anyone else. All our trips operate non-obtrusively and with respect to the wildlife and the natural environment.