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100 for the Ocean-Photographers dive into fundraising for ocean conservation

100 For the Ocean was co-founded by photographers Paul Nicklen, Cristina Mittermeier and Chase Teron. The project is a collaboration between 100 renowned photographers to raise money for ocean conservation. This photo by Nicklen shows an emperor penguin propelling itself out of Antarctica's icy waters. "To have communities come together like this, all for the purpose of good, to amplify and help grow other organizations, is a really beautiful thing," said Nicklen in a press release. (Source / CNN Style) www.100fortheocean.com

Behind-the-Scenes of Ethical Wildlife Photography

Surviving 96 Hours with Nat Geo Photographers-Watch the video >>>

Chase Teron

Photographer-Wildlife Guide-Speaker-Author

Chase Teron is a Canadian environmentalist, adventurer and photographer. Growing up he spent a significant amount of time photographing the Canadian Rockies, before moving to Vancouver Island on Canada’s west coast where his passions for photography and the environment became truly intertwined.

His backpacking expeditions have taken him to over 25 countries, gaining invaluable knowledge about the world’s wildlife, ecosystems, landscapes and cultures in the process. He is a Canon Canada ambassador, has worked with major international clientele for his photography and drone work, and also co-led a photography workshop while sailing through Greenland’s Disko Bay in the summer of 2017. This is where his Arctic obsession truly began.

Despite his passion for photography, Chase’s most memorable encounters with wildlife have occurred when completely immersed in the natural world without a camera in hand: hiking in the Rockies with wolves and grizzlies, diving with whale sharks in Thailand and kayaking off the west coast of Canada with pods of orcas.

Chase has amassed a concentrated following of fellow environmentalists and passionate adventurers on his Instagram and Vero (@ChaseTeron). He uses these platforms to build a community revolving around environmental conservation and the craft of photography, creating thought-provoking work and affecting positive change in the world.

Chase’s social media presence also helps to connect like-minded adventurers who participate in his photo workshops in Toronto, the Canadian Rockies, Svalbard and elsewhere around the world, as he tutors them in photographing and filming landscapes and wildlife. His dream career of becoming a filmmaker and full-time photographer are well underway with his company Artica Studios, which he runs together with his girlfriend Jenni.

Chase has a contagiously positive and energetic attitude when it comes to nature photography. He is one of those people who will happily haul 50lbs of camera gear up a mountain or swap his sleeping schedules to create the perfect shot.

He is drawn to the challenge of capturing the raw beauty of these remote and often harsh environments, using his photography to shed light on their fragility and the urgent need for conservation efforts.In Chase Teron’s journey, the camera is not just a tool; it’s a conduit for storytelling and a catalyst for change.

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"The Arctic, with its vast and remote expanses, holds a special place in Chase Teron’s heart. His love for this region is evident in his captivating images of polar bears gracefully navigating icy landscapes and whales breaching through frigid waters." His name has become synonymous with ethical wildlife photography and proactive conservation efforts, leaving an indelible mark on the intersection of art, advocacy, and the environment."