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Costa Rica

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Costa Rica Safaris

An eco-tourist’s dream, Costa Rica has become synonymous with all an unspoiled tropical paradise can be. Blessed with beaches and unrivalled biodiversity, this country is a verdant land of misty volcanoes, rushing rivers and thick jungles, teeming with exotic flora and fauna. Explore tangled primary rainforest in the Osa Peninsula, wake up to the throaty roar of howler monkeys at dawn, catch a glimpse of the vibrant plumage of scarlet macaws and encounter Capuchins, tree frogs and sloths in Corcovado. Costa Rica is a treat for the senses and a treasure trove of the Central Americas’ most engaging wildlife experiences.

The Costa Rica Safari Experience

  • Immerse yourself in the tangled primary rainforest in search of primates and caiman, sloths and macaws; Costa Rica’s jungles are vibrant, wild and ready to be explored.
  • Enjoy exhilarating adventures; ziplines, white-water rafting, snorkelling and surfing in the incredible blue seas.
  • Wander quiet paths through the forests after the sun sets and discover nocturnal creatures such as kinkajous, bats and owls.
  • Watch both nesting and hatching turtles in the green season
  • Relax on the beach in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca

Why Natural World Safaris?

As a specialist operator we have excellent partnerships with naturalists and conservationists in Costa Rica. We support Selva Bananito, one of Costa Rica’s leading examples of ecotourism and a leader in the region’s conservation efforts, as evidenced by their work to protect wildcats and other species in the area. Visiting this private reserve offers the chance to place camera traps within the primary rainforest, helping the team to monitor and protect the reserve’s populations of jaguars and ocelot. We know our wildlife and do what we can to preserve its natural habitat. We have used the same guides in Costa Rica for years, simply because they are the best at what they do. They will share their expert local knowledge, teaching you about your surroundings, from the topography and wildlife to the local people and their cultures.

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Talk to a Costa Rica Destination Specialist

How much does Costa Rica cost?

For a 15-day adventure through tropical Tortuguero, Monteverde, Arenal and La Fortuna, staying in comfortable lodges, expect to pay from around £5,625 per person based on two sharing. This will include transfers and guided excursions throughout, with a mix of private and shared services. Expect to budget around £12,500 per person for a 10-day safari in 3 different areas including the remote Osa Peninsula, staying in three of the most exclusive and sought-after wilderness lodges, with private transfers and guides, internal flights, and largely privately guided experiences.

Where to Stay in Costa Rica?

With Costa Rica being one of the most renowned wildlife and eco-friendly destinations, the stunning accommodation tends to reflect this, with many hotels and lodges set in the heart of the tropical ecosystems to fully immerse you in the experience of feeling close to nature. Discover our Top 10 Best Eco Lodges.

When to go to Costa Rica?

Costa Rica's climate is defined by the rainy and dry seasons. The best time to visit is Costa Rica's dry season which is December to April, March and April are the hottest months. The rainy season is May to November, the wettest months are September and October. Read more about when to visit Costa Rica.

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Costa Rica Safaris FAQs

Where is Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is in Central America. Your safari will likely start from San Jose, the capital city of Costa Rica, sat in its geographical heart.

Where to go in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has two very different coasts; the Pacific and Atlantic. Manuel Antonio reserve on the Pacific Coast has a peninsula setting with nearby marine parks that are a beautiful playgrounds for dolphins, whales and turtles, whilst Corcovado and the Osa Peninsula further south offer a much more remote adventure. On the east coast, the mangroves and beaches of Tortuguero are a turtle breeding haven, hence its literal translation as ‘land of the turtles’. Inland there are misty mountains of Monteverde and Santa Elena with cloud forests that beg to be discovered, plus soaring volcanoes and hot volcanic springs. Discover more information on where to go in Costa Rica

What is Costa Rica best known for?

Costa Rica is renowned for its rich biodiversity and stunning natural landscapes. It's best known for its lush rainforests, diverse wildlife, and abundant national parks and reserves. The country is a hotspot for eco-tourism and offers unique experiences such as canopy zip-lining, wildlife spotting, and exploring active volcanoes like Arenal. Costa Rica's beautiful beaches along both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts are popular for surfing, relaxation, and marine life observation. The country's commitment to conservation and sustainability, as well as its "Pura Vida" way of life, have also contributed to its global reputation as a leading eco-friendly and adventure travel destination.

How long should I spend in Costa Rica?

The ideal duration for a Costa Rica trip depends on your preferences, but a well-rounded visit could range from 7 to 14 days. A shorter 7-day trip could cover highlights like Arenal, Monteverde, and a beach destination. Extending to 10-14 days allows for deeper exploration of national parks, diverse activities, various beaches, and potentially less touristy areas, providing a more immersive experience of Costa Rica's natural beauty and culture.

Is Costa Rica a safe travel destination?

Costa Rica is widely regarded as a secure, safe and popular holiday destination, with its stable political environment and well-established tourism industry. It is wise to take sensible precautions to guard against petty theft and pickpocketing and stay updated on travel advisories.