Africa and the Indian Ocean. These words alone ignite the senses with images of truly unforgettable wildlife encounters, dramatic terrains, idyllic scenery and refined luxury in even the remotest locations. To summarise this immensely vast area would not do it justice. Each country has its own unique landscapes, sights, sounds and celebrations that are all aching to be explored by its visitors.

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Why go to Africa?

Home to some of the most diverse wildlife preserves on earth, teeming with activity, it is little wonder that enthusiasts come time and time again to witness Africa’s most captivating animal spectacles.

  • Wildlife

    Here, the checklist of spine-tingling experiences is endless. Watch the might and energy of the biggest migration on earth throughout Kenya and Tanzania. Track endangered gorillas in the atmospheric mountain ranges found in Rwanda and Uganda, or the bai’s of the Congo and Central African Republic. Track rhino on foot in Namibia, or indulge in an exhilarating walking safari in Zambia or Zimbabwe. Listen to the distant roar of a lion as you relax with a cocktail by your private pool as the sun sets behind you. Perhaps track myriad of friendly looking lemur species throughout the incredible ‘Red Island’ of Madagascar, itself filled with endemic and curious species. 

    Many first-timers will be keen to cover classic game and the famous ‘Big Five’, whilst return visitors may be looking for a specific tour or activity to bring them face-to-face with their favourite animals. 

    Whatever your focus, Africa puts you in the heart of where the planet’s most magnificent and gracious animals roam freely and elegantly in their natural habitat.

  • Heritage

    Unsurprisingly for what is the birthplace of the human species, there is a rich cultural heritage which is evidenced throughout the people you will encounter, from vibrantly adorned tribes people whose customs and values remain largely unchanged in the modern world, to Arabic and European descendants in cosmopolitan cities and carefree paradise island inhabitants. This creates a unique melting pot with fascinating experiences for the traveller seeking the real Africa and Indian Ocean, celebrated through lively festivals, events and everyday interactions.

    Africa is a fascinating melting pot of cultures and experiences.

  • Adrenaline

    Africa can also thrill as much as she can impress. Be it flying over the breathtaking Victoria Falls in a micro-light plane, soaring over the oldest desert in the world in Namibia or ascending the challenging 20,000 ft Mount Kilimanjaro, there is no shortage of adrenaline flow. The Indian Ocean too is home to some of the most exhilarating diving and snorkelling in its crystalline waters. However, when it is time to relax, the luxurious sophistication of the lodges, camps, and villas on offer ensures you can unwind and embrace the silence of the savannahs, deserts, plains and beaches that surround you.

    Africa is home to some highly exciting activities, from bungee jumping and rafting, to walking safaris in the wild national parks.

  • Luxury

    With such breathtaking contrast, the variety of itineraries on offer is second-to-none and allows for some truly inspiring trips in the hands of expert professionals. All countries in Africa are unique and provide very different experiences and varying levels of luxury. Let us know what you prefer and we can design your journey with this in mind. 

    Let us take you on a journey that is sure to be filled with emotion and impact, and we will let Africa and the Indian Ocean take hold of your soul.

Speak to one of our Africa & Indian Ocean specialists to find out more, and start designing your very own extraordinary journey.