Why an Indian Ocean holiday is truly unique

As the third largest ocean, it makes up roughly 20% of the water on the Earth’s surface. Flanked by Africa to the west, Australia to the east and Asia to the North, its crystalline waters are home to some of the most exotic islands and beautiful coasts in the world. Think white sandy beaches, coral reefs and turquoise bays, it conjures images of tranquillity and calm, and combined with luxury accommodation it makes for the perfect destination for honeymoon retreats, a family getaway or post safari rest and relaxation.

The Indian Ocean Islands are perfect for romantic getaways and family holidays and can be combined easily with an African safari for the perfect combination of wildlife and beach.

indian ocean safari reviews

  • We greatly enjoyed our trip. Our arrangements in Mauritius were good and Lakaz Chamarel was great! Everything went well in Réunion and we greatly enjoyed the helicopter trip. Madagascar was great, particularly our guide Njiva who accompanied us on our road trip from Tana to Andasibe, Ranomafana and down through Isalo to Tulear. Definitely impressed by him. He went out of his way to make our trip very successful. Air Madagascar did not prove problematical at all - in fact we took off 20 minutes early one flight. Charter flights were good. We loved most of the accommodation here – Masaola Forest Lodge, Anakao Ocean Lodge and Anjajavay were excellent!

    Tailor-made Madagascar, Mauritius and Réunion Safari

    5 out of 5
  • Everything on safari was absolutely wonderful, and we fell in love with Kenya. The Elewana properties and team are amazing, and the wildlife-viewing was spectacular. We’d love to travel with you again because you set up an amazing safari with every detail attended to – you truly know your market!

    Tailor-made Kenya & Seychelles Safari

    5 out of 5
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Island Paradises

The Maldives are a cluster of small flat coral islands with stunning beaches and a haven for snorkelling and diving. Imagine palm trees-lined beaches, secluded islands that house exclusive resorts that hover on stilts over azure waters creating the most romantic and serene of island settings.

The Seychelles combines pristine white sandy beaches with charming tropical scenery due to its unique granite foundations. Lush vegetation carpets rocky granite peaks that pierce crystalline blue waters making this archipelago of islands a truly remarkable destination.

Mauritius, a large volcanic outcrop set in the pristine turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, the island boasts an almost complete loop of coral reef. Picture waterfalls tumbling down volcanic rocks, and silky white beaches with crystalline lagoons, it evokes images of a dream-like island setting.

Many other islands grace the immaculate waters of the Indian Ocean. Off the east coast of Africa the ‘Red Island’ of Madagascar brims with biodiversity; the spice island of Zanzibar tantalises with turquoise shades, white shimmering sands and UNESCO heritage; and Sri Lanka, the ‘Emerald Isle’, just off the coast of India blends ancient traditions, spectacular beaches with a wealth of wildlife watching.

Diving, snorkelling & safari combinations

The Indian Ocean is a vast expanse of water that seems to go on forever. Naturally, this brings an extraordinary variety and quantity of marine life. It contains some of the world’s most stunning coral reefs and gardens, an abundance of exotic fish  like parrot fish and angelfish that share the waters with bigger specimens like manta rays and whale sharks. There are endless options for divers, that span the African coast to the crystal clear waters of the exotic islands, and if you’re not a diver then snorkelling is a must. 

The Indian Ocean islands, although stunning destinations by themselves, in our opinion make ideal travel companions with nearby safari destinations on the African or Indian continents. Whether seeing the big five in Botswana followed by a post safari escape to the Seychelles; waterfalls and wildlife in Zambia and then some relaxation time in Mauritius; Zanzibar after big game viewing in Tanzania or Kenya; or tracking tigers in India followed by the Maldives, our experts will help you create your unique journey into the extraordinary.

combine diving the deep blue in search of hammerheads, with the wildlife of africa.

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