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-The Virtues of Monochrome-

David travelled with us to the remote Subantarctic island of South Georgia in 2018. His creative process was captured by Untitled Filmworks, the team behind the acclaimed Netflix series Tales by Light. This short follows the creative process of fine art photographer David Yarrow as he steps ashore the mind-blowing wildlife scenes of South Georgia.

David Yarrow

Fine-Art Photographer

David Yarrow is recognised as one of the world’s best-selling photographers. In recent years, he has found his true comfort zone in capturing the world in a fresh and creative way, with philanthropy and conservation central to his passion to document.

David Yarrow was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1966. He took up photography at an early age and as a 20-year-old found himself working as a photographer for The London Times on the pitch at the World Cup Final in Mexico City. On that day, David took the famous picture of Diego Maradona holding the World Cup and, as a result, was subsequently asked to cover the Olympics and numerous other sporting events. His work in recent years is most distinctive and it has earned him an ever-growing following amongst art collectors. Yarrow is now represented by some of the top contemporary galleries around the world.

In September 2019, Rizzoli published their second book by David Yarrow. The book’s foreword was written by global NFL star Tom Brady and an afterword written by American cultural icon Cindy Crawford.

-David's Personal Artworks-

Latest book – Storytelling -

It published by Rizzoli in 2022, features over 130 of David’s images taken over the last three years. The book’s foreword was written by American cultural icon Cindy Crawford. All the profits from the copies purchased through David Yarrow Photography Ltd will be donated to the UW Health Kids Cancer Care Charity. David and Cindy’s ongoing collaboration since 2019 has raised over $3million and counting for the UW Health Kids Cancer Care Charity.Since 2019, charitable donations from the sale of David’s images have exceeded $10m for philanthropic and conservation organisations. At Art Miami in December 2019, David’s photograph “The Wolves of Wall Street” broke new records. One print, signed by Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese, featuring the real Wolf of Wall Street – Jordan Belfort – sold for $200,000. The proceeds went to conservation NGOs supported by DiCaprio. His ability to tell stories through transcendent photos is enviable, and his commitment to philanthropy and conservation is clear in each and every shot he captures.

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David has also led two NWS expeditions to Svalbard, in 2017, 2019 and 2022. One particular polar bear photo from one of these collaborations fetched an astonishing £81,250 at auction.


"I don’t think I’ve ever taken a picture before in which the subject is less than one per cent of the image and yet everyone’s eye is immediately grabbed by that one point. That was always my intention".

“I must never again put myself in a position where my work ethic can be undone by things totally beyond my control.”