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David Yarrow

Travel with David to Antarctica

About David Yarrow, Fine-Art Photographer

Internationally acclaimed fine-art photographer, David Yarrow, has an innate ability to capture the supreme beauty of the planet; from its unique cultures and people, to remote landscapes and, of course, the wildlife.

David was born in Scotland and had a very successful career in the financial sector, whilst building his impressive photography portfolio; leading to a double life of hedge fund manager, and artist. Starting with images in the sports industry (his photo of Maradona holding up the trophy for the World Cup in Mexico remains iconic of the tournament – he was 20 at the time), his interest moved towards the natural world and he has travelled the globe in search of some of the planet’s most endangered, and often ferocious wildlife; from Siberian tigers and African lions, to sharks, gorillas and more.

David is the author of three successful books; EncounterNowhere and Wild Encounters. Wild Encounters crosses seven continents, capturing images of some of the world’s most endangered species, and has a foreword by HRH the Duke of Cambridge. He is passionate about conservation, and has a long partnership with Tusk, to which he donates 10% of all his photography sales. His work is exhibited in leading galleries around the world, from Harrow and Amsterdam, to Brussels and New York, and has even had his work auctioned in the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Gala in St Tropez.

His ability to sell stories through transcendent photos is enviable, and his commitment to wildlife and community conservation is clear in each and every shot he captures.

Now selling at up to $60,000 per print, David’s work is high in demand. 

In November 2018, David will be leading our South Georgia Photography Safari to South Georgia. He'll be on hand at every possible opportunity to share his expert knowledge of wildlife photography, showing you how to capture the perfect shot and edit your images to make them the best they can be.

Known for its rugged landscapes and abundant wildlife, South Georgia is the ideal destination for photographing wildlife in its natural environment. From huge colonies of king penguins stretching across the rocky plains, to elephant seals lounging along the shoreline, South Georgia has long captured the imagination of polar explorers and wildlife enthusiasts alike. Sailing aboard the luxury expedition superyacht the Hanse Explorer, you'll have 15 days to explore this incredible region, with the evenings reserved for onboard seminars and photography workshops.

In the wild and remote land of South Georgia, hundreds of miles from civilisation, having the expertise of a world-renowned and highly sought-after photographer will be invaluable, and you're sure to return with some of the best photographs of your life.

After the success of our last trip with David - to the Svalbard archipelago in June 2017 - this expedition promises to be one of our most spectacular safaris yet.

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