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Everything you need to know about a Snow leopard safari

Your heart skips a beat as your guide points in the direction of one of the world’s most elusive big cats. Watching through a spotting scope to observe the elegant movements of this wild animal, you are one of the lucky few who will ever experience something so magical and so rare as seeing the magnificent snow leopard in its natural habitat.


Traversing the rugged Himalayas, following the tracks and trails of bharal and blue sheep - prime cuisine for snow leopards - we watch out for these beautiful big cats. By following the ungulates and evidence left by the snow leopards themselves, we increase our chances of spotting them in the wild, alongside other predators such as Tibetan wolf and Himalayan brown bear.


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Experts view: Arabella Worthington

Experts view: Arabella Worthington

Snow leopards have only recently become a feasible wildlife attraction and hopefully this will help to save this remarkable animal from extinction. Taking part in a snow leopard safari with Natural World Safaris contributes both to their conservation and a truly unique wildlife experience.

Snow leopard tracking in Ladakh, Himalayas

The snow leopard

Slightly smaller than African or Asian leopards, weighing between 35 and 55 Kg, snow leopards are very elusive, found in the mountains of central Asia. These beautiful, grey creatures have thick fur to help them in the cold conditions and an exceptionally long tail which aids in balance as well as a keeping the face warmer during snowstorms. Their large paws act like snowshoes as they traverse powder and ice and their distinctive long legs allow them to leap up to 20 feet.

Their prey includes wild and domestic animals which can be as much as three time their own body weight. They will usually eat the blue sheep (bharal), found in Tibet and the Himalayas, as well as the more common ibex which can be found pretty much everywhere that a snow leopard can.

Snow leopards are found at high altitudes in the Himalaya Mountains of Central and South Asia and have an estimated population of around 4,000-6,590 individuals left on the globe.

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