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Private Yacht Charter


Navigator by Natural World Safaris is a unique service providing high profile clients with access to bespoke superyachts and the far flung corners of the globe. Our principal portfolio consists of Explorer Yachts that have been individually designed for truly remote exploration – from the poles of the Antarctic and Arctic to the sandy shores of private island retreats or forgotten hideaways.

These are bespoke expeditions – often combined with private jet charters – tailored to your individual requirements, whilst allowing you to enjoy the comforts of ultra-refined expedition vessels. Explorer Yachts have been designed using the very best of marine engineering to create vessels that are tough to the core, travelling huge distances at any one time.

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Explorer Yachts offer thrills and fun with all the luxuries you would expect from dedicated spas to world-class fine dining, offering the highest standards of comfort as well as world-class exploration and adventure. From paddle boards to mini-submarines, luxury tenders to helicopters there are plenty of toys to help you explore the world’s most remote locations.

Explorer Yachts

Navigator offers a selection of beautiful yachts to charter exclusively for your family, friends or corporate retreat. To date we have managed contracts to wildlife-rich destinations such as the Galapagos Islands, and polar expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic to name but a few. These are bespoke expeditions tailored to your individual requirements, whilst allowing you to enjoy the comforts of ultra-refined expedition vessels.

Explorer Yachts combine the luxury of a superyacht with the ability to withstand anything; they can travel 6,000+ nautical miles in one go, are completely self-sufficient, can carry their own tenders (helicopters included), and often have icebreaker hulls or more. Explorer Yachts act with complete autonomy, delivering unparalleled personal experiences.

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Charter your own Private Expedition Ship

Private Charters in Antarctica

A private charter offers the ultimate way to experience Antarctica, with a private crew, fine dining, landing sites to yourself and the option to tailor your trip exactly how you please. You’ll be far from the mainstream expedition cruises, able to access hidden coves and seldom visited areas of this cold white wilderness.

Cross the legendary Drake Passage or skip it to fly straight into Antarctica to maximise your time. You can choose to focus solely on the Antarctic Peninsula or include the wild and remote South Georgia Island. Options available by private charter include a raft of activities not available on bigger ships, including the chance to scuba dive with penguins, or explore the underwater world in a submarine immersible.

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Starting prices for private charters start at approx £220,000/USD $253,000 per week plus expenses and are typically for up to 12 guests. Your charter includes a professional guide onboard; other specialists such as private photography guide can be included depending on your interests.

Spend time ice trekking or heli-skiing, or visit remote research stations; your itinerary is your own.

Nansen Explorer

Originally designed as an Arctic research vessel, MV Nansen Explorer is now an industry first, bridging the gap between super yacht and expedition ship. With an Ice-1A class hull, Nansen Explorer can venture deeper into polar ice than other yachts. Her rugged exteriors, like the badges on a polar explorer’s parka, are her bona fides. And following her extensive 2021 refit, calibrated to please the most discerning of clients, her refined interiors reveal a yacht soul. Originally designed to carry 60 passengers, Nansen Explorer now carries only 12 guests in modern, spacious cabins. The handpicked crew selected to run MV Nansen Explorer has decades of experience within the polar expedition world and superyacht industry.

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Polarfront Walrus


We are excited to offer an opportunity for you to explore the Arctic on your own private charter with the option of taking your own group of up-to 22 people for an adventurous expedition to Svalbard. This rare opportunity allows you to take your own group to Svalbard, to explore at your own pace. Our excellent expedition leaders will be on the ship to guide you, help plan the route and share their knowledge through presentations and lectures about the wildlife and history of the region.

Private Charters in Svalbard

Day 1: Meet in Longyearbyen

Today board your chosen vessel in the afternoon and start your Arctic adventure

Days 2-9: Exploring Svalbard

Our small expedition ships gives us the flexibility to explore anywhere in the region. We have no set itinerary and a vast area to explore. Your time aboard your chosen vessel will be spent exploring the Svalbard Archipelago in search of Arctic wildlife and frozen landscapes. The exact itinerary will depend upon the weather conditions, the density of the pack ice in the north and wildlife opportunities; as well as the chosen length of your trip. During your Arctic safari you can expect to visit ice- filled fjords framed by breath-taking snow-capped peaks. Alongside stunning landscapes go in search of polar bears as they hunt for seals, seek out of walrus basking in the sun and spot whales breaching in the icy seas. On shore you may come across Arctic fox, Svalbard reindeer and, beautiful Arctic flora.

Day 10: Depart Longyearbyen

You will arrive back into Longyearbyen in the early morning, disembark and then time to say your final farewells and begin your journey home.


Will Bolsover

Founder & Ceo

Will Bolsover

Founder & Ceo

"The RV Kinfish delivers like no other vessel up there. With comfy cabins, multiple relaxing communal areas and some great viewing decks, the Kinfish really is a great little ship. A maximum of 12 clients makes any expedition aboard the Kinfish an intimate one, but with enough space to find your own corner if required. A huge bridge, open 24 hours a day, means there is plenty of room for everyone to be up there at the same time, either chatting to the Captain, spotting for bears, or watching the ship calve through the ice as you venture into the frozen realms of the north. With stabilisers (few other ships of this size have these!) and state-of-the-art positioning technology, the Kinfish provides both the flexibility for exploration and the versatility to access where few others can."