• Belugas Frolicking in the Inlet | © Webber Arctic

Canadian Arctic Holidays

The Arctic North of Canada is a fairy tale place of pioneer spirit, polar bears, gold prospectors, northern lights, migrating beluga whales and permanent sunny days; where the seemingly impossible comes to life before your eyes. With very sparse human settlement, the tundra of the region comes alive during the summer months when it is carpeted with colourful flowers and the wildlife of the region, of which the indisputable star is the King of the Arctic, emerges. Arctic Canada is defined as the area north of the Arctic Circle, which constitutes the expansive wilderness of the provinces of Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

Arctic Canada has just 100,000 inhabitants and approximately 60% of the indigenous Inuit community live in this region.

It’s not just the bears here, but you can also fine eider ducks, murres, kittewakes, Arctic fox, moose, caribou, snowy owls and much more.

Highlights include:

  • Arctic Photography: taking photos in such bright light can be difficult (we know from experience), we have specialist safaris that will help you get the best photos possible from your experience with our trained expert photographers.
  • Explore Ice Formations: explore some of the most impressive ice formations on the planet on foot under the midnight sun.
  • Polar Bear Cubs Trips: see polar bear cubs emerging from their dens for the very first time with their mothers. This trip is a sell-out every year, with just one departure!
  • Polar Bear Tracking: track these huge marine mammals on foot, from a cosy lodge or even live amongst them on the tundra.
  • Whale Watching: not only can you see belugas, narwhals and more, but you can actually swim with them on some of our specialist safaris.
Arctic Wolves, Arctic Canada| © Arctic Watch

Why we like Arctic Canada

A land of stunning icy landscapes, the world's largest land mammal and some extraordinary other wildlife. This part of Canada is a real treat, visited by few people. 

  • Amazing polar wildlife: the wildlife here is incredible, adapted to live in harsh Arctic conditions. Although you won’t see the sheer amount that you would in say, Africa, you will be overwhelmed by the creatures that call this environment home.
  • A varied range of experiences: the far reaches of the north aren't always what come to mind when hearing the word ‘safari’; this is a unique area that combines a huge range of wildlife and cultural experiences, as well as different levels of luxury and adventure.
  • Unique accommodation: camp on the ice floes around Baffin Island, sleep among the bears on the unique Tundra Lodge, or stay in luxurious traditional lodges.
Northern Lights and Arctic Haven Boats

Arctic activities

The list of unique experiences that this region offers would excite the most blasé of traveller. Giant specially adapted 6-wheel tundra buggies set off from Churchill to Cape Churchill, where between 30-40 polar bears visit in October and November and the cape’s gravel eskers create small hills which are ideal vantage points. It is even possible to stay in a Tundra Lodge with connecting cabins that can be wheeled to a different location at the start of the season to maximise your viewing as you live amongst the bears. Scenic helicopter flights over the tundra and even dog sledding add to the variety of excursions, not forgetting of course the infamous phenomenon of the Northern Lights, which may add an unexpected final highlight to your journey into this fascinating region.

From dog sledding, tracking polar bears on foot and swimming with narwhal, to kayaking, light aircraft flights to see caribou and even living with the bears on the tundra.

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