Adventure into the heart of Africa Travel to the DRC

A destination for pioneering travellers, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), offers something truly remarkable for the avid explorer. A complicated region with a huge amount to offer, exploring the eastern edge offers explorers a real life glimpse into the heart of Africa.

Diverse to its core, DRC is knitted together in a vast array of dense jungles, volcanic peaks, raging rivers and open savannah pains. Home to the oldest national park on the African continent (Albert National Park, now Virunga National Park), DRC is one of the last bastions of ‘real Africa’, putting the modern day explorer through their paces.


The diversity of this region comes in many shapes and sizes from being home to the only surviving population of Eastern Lowland Gorillas, approximately a quarter of the population of the world’s mountain gorillas, wild chimpanzees, forest elephants, volcanic lava lakes and even savannah game (in the more northern reaches of the park in Lulimbi).

Is it safe to travel to the DRC?

A fair question! DRC has been notoriously turbulent over the years as a result of its vast mineral resources and its inter-tribal conflicts. Compounded by the fact that it is almost the size of western Europe and is governed from Kinshasa thousands of miles from its farthest borders, this means that it is always going to have its fair share of issues. In recent years however, mainly due to the work of Virunga National Park and its military trained rangers, the eastern region bordering Uganda and Rwanda has seen an improved stability allowing for pioneering tourism projects to take place.

Our clients will be accompanied by experienced guides with in-depth knowledge of the region and the issues it faces. It is possible to visit the DRC safely with careful planning and travellers will be accompanied by armed park rangers at all times. Our on-the-ground contacts keep a close eye on the security situation and new, welcoming facilities offer excellent places to stay for pioneering visitors.


As a destination, the DRC is at the forefront of pioneering conservation efforts. Huge investment has gone into the training of the park rangers, ongoing support is given to those widows that have lost their loved ones in the line of duty of protecting the park, and as a result improved security and an increase in wildlife numbers is clear. Whilst improvements have been seen, the challenge is to now expand the boundaries of the park and effect stability throughout the wider region.

One of the projects that is key to this is the recent opening of the Hydro Electric Project which will bring stability and business in its many guises to what has traditionally been a troubled region.

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