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‘‘This is Real Travel, This is Expeditions for Change’’


The Concept

These journeys are journeys with friends - experts in their fields - journeys of discovery, journeys of exploration for like-minds, to get back to what it was all about, what travel used to be, about slow travel, real travel, travel for knowledge, travel for education, travel for discovery. These journeys are not about luxury, about expectations or ‘sightings’ they are about turning the clocks back, taking stock of where we are, personally, individually, globally. These journeys are about Change, expeditions for change, where we support and explore specific projects on the ground, where funding goes directly to the root cause; these journeys are our Expeditions for Change.

The Aim

Over the next two years we aim to bring together creators, conservationists, partners and collaborators to tell a story through our Expeditions for Change. Collaboration is key; it’s something that is often overlooked, everyone normally ‘wants something’. In fact, as a company, we are often accused of not looking for the ‘commercials’ and maybe that is an error, we honestly do believe that if you do things for the right reasons, the rest takes care of itself. This belief is what this project hinges on, a gathering of like minds, friendly souls, to go out there and make a difference. The Journey to Nature’s Edge project starts with the climate crisis and our first Expedition for Change in Svalbard, in the frozen north, four of us. Photographers, creators, believers in trying to do something a little bit different. From there wildlife conservation in the wilds of Africa with African Parks Conservation, then rewilding in the heartland of Latin America, and finally human wildlife conflict in Asia. Through generosity of spirit we aim to open up the conversation and see where it takes us. Content is an easy word to evoke these days, but through collaboration with our partners, our sponsors, our contacts on the ground, these ‘fellows of their fields’, we hope to bring this work to the public eye, visually, audibly, written, with a direct impact into projects on the ground.

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The NWS Foundation is founded on the principle of supporting grassroots projects throughout our natural world. Funds raised through sponsorship of the Journey to Nature’s Edge Project in specific will be injected into the individual Expeditions for Change and the projects that they support. Four key areas will be focused on including climate change, polar bears international and the Hearts in the Ice, wildlife conservation in collaboration with African Parks Conservation in Rwanda, rewilding in the wilds of Patagonia, and human wildlife conflict in Asia.


Sponsored by Fjallraven from the outset, we will also be securing sponsorship for each of the following trips throughout the year, generating funds to be injected directly back into the aforementioned core areas and projects.

Aside from Fjallraven to date, we have also secured sponsorship of £100k for our J2NE to Rwanda later this year and are in negotiations with Bremont, and publications such as BOAT International and Gents Journal. Sponsorship funds will go directly into the projects in question as well as exhibition funding in order to maximise returns across the Journey to Nature’s Edge remit.

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Will Bolsover

CEO & Founder of NWS

Will Bolsover

CEO & Founder of NWS

"The Journey to Nature’s Edge concept is based around slow travel, real travel and travel that gives back. All too often these days, we are drawn into a world of immediate returns and western comfort and that is not what travel has traditionally been about. Travel has always been about the thirst for knowledge, education, experiences, about slow travel, about real travel, and that is what we want to achieve here."

The Detail


Naked Eye Studios - content and collaboration

Natural World Safaris - Travel and Logistics

Natural World Foundations - Charitable partner


There is the opportunity for a select number of sponsors to be involved with the Journey to Nature's Edge Project over the next 2 years. Sponsorship will go directly to the trip in question and the projects in focus.

Benefits to sponsors can include participation in the trip, coverage in media (imagery, film, podcasts), via various channels including social media, exhibition coverage, editorial and more. Further details on sponsorship levels can be found in the separate sponsorship document.


Time to talk about the money. There are various funding avenues at play here which are outlined in brief below. These may have to be slightly fluid in order to maximise returns to the project, but the initial outline is as follows :

Natural World Safaris - supporting all the on the ground logistics and persona involved in the trip.

Naked Eye Studios - recruiting and working with media partners.

Media Partners - supporting with photography and film work. Images will be used in the promotion and support of the projects listed via the NWS Foundation via social channels, written media, and exhibition space. Sales of images at the exhibition will be split between the photographers and the projects.

Sponsors - sponsorship funds will go directly into the projects in question as well as exhibition funding in order to maximise returns across the Journey to Nature's Edge remit.

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