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For a Wildlife Adventure unlike no other, don’t look any further than Australia. Renowned for its quantity of endemic species that you won’t find anywhere else in the world, this behemoth of a country offers harsh and complex environments coupled with huge expanses where you wont see another person for days on end. Due to the sheer size of Australia, wildlife viewing has traditionally been viewed as difficult however this is not the case. Working with hand-picked local wildlife experts, we put you in the Right Place at the Right Time to maximise your wildlife viewing opportunities…

The sixth-largest country in the world, Australia is formed of six states; including the island territory of Tasmania. Each State is unique in its own weird and wonderful way with species that are not only native to the continent but also highly complex in their physiology and ecological behaviours. As such, wildlife viewing in Australia is highly seasonal, and depending on what species you wish to encounter, great care needs to be taken when planning your safari so that you travel at the correct time of year. As a destination, Australia can also be visited on multiple occasions (remember it is vast!) so we advise either planning for the long haul (5-6 weeks minimum to cover most states in one go) or prepare to visit multiple times and cover off states in a more detailed and holistic way, allowing you to really get under the skin of a region and understand its wildlife more deeply.

We can offer a multitude of safaris in Australia to suit a range of requirements although not the easiest place to visit on a shoestring budget. Flying to Australia alone can be expensive and once there, day-to-day costs can also run high. We advise pre-booking as much as possible with your Destination Specialist and also heeding their advice when they recommend taking advantage of packages that include wildlife activities and food and beverage inclusions. Some of our safaris operate in the most remote regions in Australia and as such it's best to plan ahead and have all bases covered before you go.


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A few key points that elevate an Australian safari above other safari destinations.

Wildlife: Australia is home to the weird and wonderful as well as some of the planet’s most dangerous animal species – all the more reason to book with us and ensure viewing is done in a controlled manner whilst not affecting the animals. Australia’s unique wildlife is as a result of many contributing factors; its prolonged geographical isolation and unique climate affecting its soil just to name a couple. A visit to Australia can put you up close and personal with the wombat, the echidna, the duck-billed platypus, the Tasmanian devil, the Spotted Quoll, the Koala, the dugong and a multitude of different kangaroo and wallaby species.

Remote wilderness: Whilst a visit to Australia will undoubtedly mean you travel through some of the larger cities and towns; the majority of wildlife encounters are experienced out in the wild, or the ‘Outback’ as its affectionately known by the locals! Prepare to spend days in vast expanses to get up close and personal and be prepared to work hard to find the wildlife – Australia is not like the African savannahs where sometimes the wildlife appears to be on-demand. Coastal locations that play home to some incredible marine species (Whale Shark, Humpback Whale, Orca) are also in off-the-beaten-track locations so factoring in journey time is essential.

Unique accommodation: There is something to suit most tastes in Australia although to get the most out of your experience, the fully immersive lodges and working ranches offer the best and most interactive experiences. Luxury Leading Lodges are also found in most regions and offer a touch of style and sophistication whilst you enjoy the nature surrounding you. Some of our safaris also feature owner-run bed & breakfast style accommodations as they offer the best (and sometimes only) option in some of the more remote regions.

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Australia is approximately 32 times the size of the UK and has almost every ecosystem imaginable. From the arid outback deserts so synonymous with Australia to mountain eco-systems on Tasmania, ancient prehistoric woodlands, grasslands and both temperate and tropical forests, it's easy to see why Australia plays host to so many flora and fauna species.
An Australian safari offers something for all demographics – whether it’s a honeymoon with a difference or a multi-generational family looking for a safari that will create memories for everyone. Local, experienced guides who are their best in class will also make your Australian safari stand out – some of our guides have been guiding their entire career and are often second, third or even fourth generation in their specific field.  
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