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Borneo Safari Holidays

A faraway island consisting of the world's oldest and most revered rainforests, vastness of dense canopies and rich foliage filled with a honeypot of weird and wonderful biodiversity; this unspoiled pristine pocket of life is a paradise waiting to be rediscovered. Borneo is one of the world's greatest wildlife-watching destinations with uniquely endangered wildlife, such as the charming and gentle orangutan, noisy proboscis monkey, diminutive pygmy elephant, sun bears and clouded leopards.

The Borneo Safari Experience

  • Observe Orangutans in their natural habitat.
  • Cruise along the wildlife oasis of the Kinabatangan River on a River Safari.
  • Jungle Adventures & Safaris - Stay deep in the primal rainforest of Danum Valley.
  • Guided night safaris to spot nocturnal creatures.
  • Visit the Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary, the Sun Bear Conservation Centre and Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre to learn about the work done to preserve these endangered species.
  • Relax and snorkel on Borneo’s remote surrounding islands such as Gaya Island.
  • Trek Mt Kinabalu with our local guides.
  • Soothe tired or aching muscles with relaxation in Poring Hot Springs.

Why Natural World Safaris?

We have used the same guides in Borneo for years, simply because they are the best at what they do. It takes expertise and patience to find these mesmerising and peaceful animals, but our guides have expert local knowledge which they will share with you, teaching you all about your surroundings, from the topography and wildlife to the local peoples and cultures.

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How Much Does Borneo Cost?

Our 10-day Borneo Photography safari starts from £7,275, including accommodation at 4 lodges and expert tuition from Charlie Ryan. For a bespoke luxury 14-day experience, expect to budget from £11,700 per person.

When to Go to Borneo?

The best time to go to Borneo is during the dry season, which typically falls between the months of March and October. Read more here.

Best Place to see Wild Orangutans

Throughout Borneo, there are various areas where you can track wild orangutans, including the incredible Danum Valley and via river safaris down the Kinabatangan. Read more here.

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Borneo Safari Holidays FAQs

Where to stay in Borneo?

Accommodation in Borneo can vary according to the area and activity, with some lavish and opulent hotels in Kota Kinabalu contrasting with stilted rainforest eco-lodges on the Kinabatangan River or basic rustic camps in the foothills of Mount Kinabalu. On the island retreats of Lankayan and Mataking, you will find chalets and bungalows teasingly close to the pristine beaches, some on wooden walkways out in the ocean.

Can I drink tap water in Borneo?

The water in many lodges and hotels in Borneo is, in fact, safe to drink, but we don't believe it's worth taking the risk during your safari. Stick to bottled water throughout your trip; it is readily available and inexpensive. The last thing you want on that trip of a lifetime is an upset stomach, when it could have been easily avoided.