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About Our Select Service

NWS Select provides a service for clients looking for even more in depth expertise than we already offer through our tailor-made and specialist led service. NWS Select encompasses individual travel desks where we see a specific client requirement for even more in depth expertise. These travel desks cover an array of niche operations of which we have outlined below:


Journeys that specifically cater to the avid photographer. From the plains of Africa to the poles of the Arctic, all cater to the requirements of photographers looking to advance their expertise, led and guided by expert photographic guides.

Expeditions for Change

The changing landscape of travel is increasingly under the microscope for its environmental impact. Expeditions for Change is a series of carefully curated philanthropic journeys with an educational slant, designed to inform, inspire, and give back to the natural world.


For those travellers that are looking for the more intrepid adventure often exploring corners of the world that have never been explored before, or accessing uniquely exclusive products that other travel outfitters are unable to provide.


An exclusive offering chartering expedition superyachts (predominantly Explorer Yachts) taking in the polar extremes and undiscovered islands across the globe.


The trips that dreams are made of. The sky’s the limit for these ultimate bespoke journeys, transporting high profile clients to their destination of choice via any means required. From private jets to Antarctica or superyachts to the Arctic, Portfolio by NWS is a service where anything could be possible. Porfolio by NWS is a ‘no holds barred’ service.


Real. Authentic. Wild. These safaris take you outside of the norm, revealing a different side to oft-visited countries. These pioneering expeditions are designed for the seasoned traveller who yearns for new experiences, who favours discovery over tourist traps, and who is willing to go the extra mile in order to truly explore and understand their next destination.

We provide these additional services to ensure your journey is designed for you.

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Want to Know more about our Select Service?

NWS Select is manager run and client led, meaning journeys are designed around you by the most skilled professionals in the industry. For more details on any of our Select services, or to book a safari, click the button below, or call on +44 (0) 1273 691 642.