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Nestled just south of the equator, Rwanda is commonly known as ‘Le Pays des Milles Collines’ or ‘The Land of a Thousand Hills’ and mystifies with its undulating luscious mountains and chain of seven volcanoes that punctuate Central Africa’s landscape. Although primarily known for its gorilla trekking and safaris, offering one of the most emotional and spellbinding wildlife experiences known to man, Rwanda holidays offer much more to the intrepid traveller from tracking chimpanzees to climbing volcanic peaks.

With mountain gorillas being a critically endangered species it is essential every effort is made to secure their future. Eco tourism is a vital part of a successful drive towards saving both the gorillas and their habitat.

Rwanda and safari combos

Aside from the primate world, Lake Kivu is the largest lake in Rwanda, where the towns of Kibuye and Gisenyi afford terrific lake views. This idyllic lake is also home to some of the best inland beaches on the continent, remote island communities, and ample activities such as canoeing and windsurfing on offer. With the widely documented problems of 1994 and the Tutsi genocide firmly in the past, Rwanda is a prosperous country and tourism has played a vital role in its recovery, which is evidenced in the heart-warming reception you will receive from throughout the country.

Due to its relatively small size, we recommend Rwanda to those who wish to enjoy a 'short, sharp' gorilla tracking safari. With quicker transfers than similar countries, such as Uganda, it is possible to gain a much better overview in a much shorter time. If you have time, Rwanda works well combined with neighbouring Uganda, or alternatively the big game destinations of Kenya and Tanzania.


Rwanda offers some of the most breathtaking scenery in Africa, be it the dramatic Virunga volcanoes bordering Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo or the forest of Nyungwe, one of the largest montane forests in Central Africa, home to chimpanzees and large groups of Colobus monkeys. Parc National des Volcans (Volcanoes National Park) is located in northwest Rwanda and is an area of thickly vegetated rainforest and bamboo providing shelter to endangered golden monkeys and approximately one third of the world’s remaining mountain gorilla population. It is also where primatologist Dian Fossey carried out her seminal work, and which was her adopted home and place of rest. Dian expressed the feeling of coming face-to-face with silverback mountain gorillas as "The expression in his eyes was unfathomable. Spellbound I returned his gaze - a gaze that seemed to combine elements of enquiry and acceptance." It is an experience only those who have lived can fully understand. 

Deep within the thickets of Nyungwe lies another gripping wildlife encounter. Here chimpanzees crash noisily through the forests, and witnessing these distant relatives and their human-like behaviour is another highlight of any Rwanda holiday. 

Conservation plays an important role in local tourism and there is a strong ethos of preservation of rare primates; it is rewarding to know that you are reinforcing the good work of the local organisations by contributing to park fees and permits.

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