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About Drew Doggett, Expert Photographic Guide

Award-winning fine art photographer and filmmaker Drew Doggett has explored the most remote corners of the globe to create work that tells the extraordinary stories of diverse cultures, communities, and wildlife through a fashion-inspired lens.
After a life-changing expedition to the Himalayas to document the secluded Humla community, Drew Doggett left the fashion photography industry to pursue a career capturing extraordinary subjects around the world. Since returning to the US after that career-altering trip nearly a decade ago, Drew has effortlessly blended his love of form, composition, concept, and tone with his desire to chronicle the people, animals, and places that make our world so uniquely diverse and unspeakably incredible.
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His works, created across 40 countries, often explore the world’s most incredible animals and their remarkable existence through meticulous examination and intimate, larger-than-life perspective. From the biggest tusked elephants left on Earth to the inimitable animals roaming the plains of the Kenyan bush, these images are a celebration of our planet’s extraordinary inhabitants as seen through a fashion-inspired lens. He believes that an iconic photograph is an opportunity for constant inspiration, learning and discovery, and that the beauty within his images is the language he uses to help viewers foster a deeper understanding of our world.

"I believe that an iconic photograph is an opportunity for constant inspiration, learning, and discovery. The beauty within my images is the language I use to help foster a deeper understanding of our world."

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While preserving places, people, and wild creatures on camera and film is at the core of Drew’s practice, he is also invested in helping to maintain the welfare of his subjects through sustained charitable giving. The studio is a proud member of 1% for the Planet, and has worked with organizations like the Prints for Wildlife, the Tsavo Trust, and the Jane Goodall Institute. In 2021, Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE, Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute & U.N. Messenger of Peace, contributed the foreword for Drew’s book on the wild horses living on Sable Island. His photographic work can be found in public collections globally, notably the Smithsonian African Art Museum (DC) and the Mariners’ Museum (VA), as well as in hundreds of corporate and private collections in more than 20 countries, including that of Gloria Steinem and the Four Seasons (HI). Drew has received over 100 awards and honours for his images including a distinction from the Royal Photographic Society. In 2020, he was named number one in the US and fourth globally for black and white photography by One Eyeland.
When not out on an expedition or working in the studio, Drew mentors the next generation of photographers and filmmakers by helping them embrace the power of an independent fine art photography career.

Drew will be heading to Svalbard in June 2023, and you can join him. He will be on hand throughout the trip, providing expert advice that will help you capture the perfect shot. 

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