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Introducing You To The Experts

Here you can meet the team of expert specialists behind Natural World Safaris and find out more about what we do and what makes us tick. Each one of us plays an important role in delivering unforgettable experiences to our clients from start to finish, and we all share the same passion and commitment for what we do. In our Brighton office is where you will find us, working hard to create the perfect safari.

We are a small team that work together closely, all driven by our passion for travel, wildlife, and fascinating cultures around the world.

When the NWS staff aren't organising fantastic wildlife safaris for our clients (or exploring the world ourselves) we make sure to plan regular team outings in and around our Sussex home.

Barbecues, bowling alleys and paintball centres are the perfect venues to indulge our competitive side – if your fellow Destination Specialist has taken home more commission than you this month, just let your bowling arm or trigger finger do the talking, or show off your finely honed sausage-grilling skills. Our monthly "wildcard" competition allows the lucky winner to provide the whole team with either a meal, a cheese and wine tasting, or libations at one of our many local bars – all paid for, of course. And with NWS situated just a pebble's throw from the beach, there's always the opportunity to enjoy the Brighton equivalent of a sundowner after work (providing the sun is actually up of course)!