Best Places to go in the School Holidays

The best places to travel to with your children in the school holidays. Where to go in the Summer holidays, Easter and Christmas.

The best places to go on safari in the school holidays

The best places to go on safari in the school holidays

School holidays are a fabulous time to take the family away on those once-in-a-lifetime adventures. Below we have detailed some of the best places to explore with your children during their breaks from education for Easter, summer and Christmas holidays.


Track the Gorillas in Rwanda & Uganda 

The kids have to be 15 years or older but this is a trip that will not be forgotten. It is also the rainy season, however due to the overcast conditions this is one of the best times for photography.

Tiger Safaris in India

The best months to track tigers in the wild through the forests of India. As the temperatures rise, the long grass dies back, the water sources are limited and the movements of the tigers are easier to predict making for ideal viewing conditions. To date we have only ever had one client that has travelled with us that was not successful in successfully seeing tigers in the wild!

Polar Bear Mothers & Newborn Cubs

There is a period of two weeks in the month of March when if you are lucky, you can see polar bear mothers and newborn cubs emerging from their dens. This is truly once in a lifetime experience but one well worth investing in. 

Swim with the Blue Whales of Sri Lanka 

The best months for one of the most dramatic wildlife encounters possible. As long as you are a competent swimmer (we will test you before you go in the water), we get you in the water alongside what is commonly believed to be the largest animal ever to have lived!

Where to go in the summer holidays

Kenya and Tanzania for the Great Migration

One of the most mesmerising wildlife spectacles you will ever see. Whilst July and August are great months, if you can stretch it then visit during the month of September as it gets quieter and quality and exclusivity of sightings therefore improves.

Big Cats of Brazil

These summer months provide the peak times for spotting the elusive jaguar venturing through the wetlands of the Pantanal. As temperatures increase and water sources diminish, these big cats make their way down to the riverbanks in pursuit of their prey…

Galapagos Islands

A good time to visit but as long as you avoid September (when all the boats are in dry dock), you can pretty much visit all year round!

The Polar Bears of Svalbard 

These are the months if you want to explore the frozen north. As the season progresses the ice melts and you can make further progress round the Spitsbergen archipelago and even in the later months attempt a circumnavigation. Our personal preference however are the months of June through to early August as the white snow covered backgrounds make for ideal photography especially when coming across the King of the Arctic.

Where to go in the Christmas Holidays

Tropical Costa Rica 

These are some of the driest months of the year making for great exploration and also the arrival of humpback whales to mate in the waters off the coast.

Botswana Shoulder season

Botswana is one of the most expensive safari destinations on the African continent and therefore if you can’t afford peak season, go during these months! December is especially good with great savings, great sightings and often only the odd afternoon shower to deal with. This is a great opportunity for families to enjoy some of the best game viewing and private concessions on the African continent. 

The Frozen South 

Head to Antarctica aboard one of a selection of ships we offer. This is a once in a lifetime adventure. Temperatures are slightly warmer and you have more daylight hours making this a popular time to visit. On top of this you also have the penguin hatching season, the emerging seal pups attempting their first steps, and the start of the whale watching season towards the end of January.

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