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North Pantanal Jaguar Safari

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Jaguars are perhaps the most elusive of all the big cats, with most favouring dense jungle as their habitat. But in the Pantanal – the world’s largest wetland – these majestic felines depend on the waterways for survival, just as the rest of the wildlife does here. This is what makes the Pantanal the best place to see jaguars in the wild, as the cats can often be seen on riverbanks hunting for prey, taking a drink or resting in the shade. Swimming jaguars are also not an uncommon sight here!

On this safari you’ll go where the jaguar goes, travelling and even sleeping on the rivers as you search for sign of the largest cat in the Americas. Along the way you’ll receive first-hand knowledge from guides who are experts in the flora and fauna of the region, embark on night drives looking for nocturnal creatures, and get to know the other colourful creatures that share this land with the jaguar.

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  • Ply the rivers of the Pantanal to see jaguars stalking their prey.
  • Watch caiman and jaguars as they struggle to establish who occupies top spot on the local food chain.
  • Look out for passing wildlife as you travel down the Transpantaneira Highway.
  • Make sightings of the Pantanal’s other wildlife, including eagles, macaws, jabiru storks, howler monkeys, tapirs, capybaras and giant river otters.
  • Learn from expert guides who can teach you all about the creatures that call this region home.

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Day 1: Arrive Cuiaba - Northern Pantanal

Upon arrival at Cuiaba airport, you will be met by your guide for your shared transfer to your lodge. Upon arrival, check-in at Pousada Piuval and in the afternoon, you will enjoy your first shared activity.

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Day 2: Northern Pantanal

With a full day to explore the region, you will enjoy a morning and afternoon excursion accompanied by an expert naturalist guide, setting out into the wild wetlands of the Pantanal. This evening, spot nocturnal animals such as agouti, capybara, caiman, tapir, giant anteater and ocelot.

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Day 3: Northern Pantanal - Jaguar Viewing Area

Enjoy a guided excursion this morning and return to the lodge for lunch. You'll then continue your adventure along the Transpantaneira Highway to Porto Jofre. En route you will have the chance to stop and enjoy the views and look out for the resident wildlife, including jaguars.

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Day 4 - 6: Jaguar Viewing

Spend the next 3 days exploring and searching for jaguars and giant otters on Three Brothers, Cuiaba and Piquiri Rivers. Enjoy two shared boat outings per day, returning to the lodge for lunch and some time to relax. This is the best place in the world to see these elusive cats in the wild and we are proud to report an average of 2 sightings per day on these waters. Other possible sightings include tapir, giant river otters, caiman, ocelot and even giant anteaters who may come to the banks to drink. At the end of the day, return to your accommodation where you will be able to edit photos, compare sightings with other guests or just sit back and relax.

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Day 7: Depart Jaguar Viewing Area to Cuiaba

This morning, you will take a shared transfer back to Cuiaba airport (about 5-6 hours) for your flight back to Sao Paulo. Along the way keep a lookout for the resident wildlife of the Pantanal. If you would like to avoid this long drive back to Cuiaba, please enquire about a light-aircraft charter.

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Wildlife remains our primary focus and we ensure accommodation is carefully selected as the very best places to stay for front-row wildlife spectacles for the time of the year you are travelling.

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Wealth of Experience

Our considerable wealth of experience and knowledge of Brazil has ensured a 100% jaguar sighting success rate over the last few years in each of our Brazil jaguar safaris.

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Share your interests with our Destination Specialists and we will match you to the in-country experts, providing you with nothing but the best access and highly experienced wildlife trackers and guides.

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