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Polar Bear Explorer

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Sl Benjamin Hardman

Polar Bear Explorer

The Ultimate Svalbard Safari

Explore the stunning Spitsbergen Archipelago aboard the R/V Kinfish; an intimate ship charter focusing on sightings of the amazing polar bear and other Arctic wildlife of Svalbard. You will sail north from Longyearbyen exploring the western coast of Spitsbergen in search of colonies of walrus as well as other resident marine mammals. Setting sail during the heart of the Arctic summer, the sea ice will be fragmented, sending ice floes along the eastern part of the Archipelago. Searching these principle hunting grounds for the polar bear, the R/V Kinfish provides an unique opportunity to observe this majestic creature.

Whilst the Polar Bear is undoubtedly a highlight of any Svalbard wildlife safari, there is also a surprising myriad of other Arctic wildlife, despite the harsh cold weather. Arctic foxes, countless seals and piles of blubbery walruses; there is an extensive amount of wildlife to be encountered on your frozen adventure. Spot different types of whales such as humpbacks, minke, beluga and orcas, breaching from the water. Listen to the bewildering amount of nesting birds twittering from the cliffs and flying in clouds of shifting patterns; the atlantic puffin, arctic terns and guillemots.

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Day 1 - Arrive Longyearbyen

Your Arctic adventure starts in this small Norwegian town, we suggest flying in the day before your departure to ensure you are in Longyearbyen ready for your expedition the following day. Upon arrival, transfer to your hotel and explore the town before your safari begins.

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Day 2 - Embark on the R/V Kinfish

Starting out from Longyearbyen today, you board your small ship and meet the crew, expert naturalist guide(s), and the rest of your small group that you will be exploring the Arctic with. This afternoon you set sail through the wilds of Svalbard.

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Days 3 - 9 - Exploring the Arctic

During your time aboard the ship you will explore the Svalbard Archipelago in search of Arctic wildlife. The exact itinerary will depend upon the weather conditions, the density of the pack ice in the north, and wildlife opportunities. If conditions permit, you will circumnavigate Spitsbergen Island. During your safari you can expect to visit iceberg filled fjords framed by breathtaking mountains; sail past towering cliffs populated by colossal seabird colonies; and see gigantic glaciers crashing into the icy seas. Spend time cruising through the ice in search of polar bears as they hunt for seals, which often hitch rides on the passing ice floes. Look out also for colonies of walrus basking on the beaches in the Arctic sun, and watch for whales in the icy seas.

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Day 10 - Depart Longyearbyen

Your ship is likely to arrive into the harbour the night before you disembark to ensure you are in Longyearbyen ready for your onward flights. Enjoy the Captain’s farewell dinner and your final night together. Wake for an early breakfast and then head back to the airport.

Thalia Svalbard

Thalia Patalong

Polar Specialist

Thalia Patalong

Polar Specialist

Possibly my most memorable experience was sitting on the bridge, binoculars and morning coffee in hand, scouting the fast ice for wildlife. Suddenly one of our guides shouted 'BEAR!' and we all spun around to see a fluffy white female in the distance. Next to me, I noticed one of the crew looking through his binoculars in the opposite direction. Asking what he was looking at he just pointed and replied 'the bear...' Raising my binoculars again I realised he was right - there wasn't just one, but TWO bears, walking straight towards each other! It felt like something straight out of of David Attenborough as we held our breath and waited for the meeting...

An Example Itinerary

Svalbard Polar Bear Explorer Map

R/V Kinfish

Built in 1958, the R/V Kinfish has been transformed from a Norwegian research vessel to a classic passenger ship, ready to explore the icy waters of the Spitsbergen archipelago. The bridge has been fitted out with advanced safety equipment, allowing the R/V Kinfish to safely navigate the frozen waters and cope with the extreme conditions of the region. With room on board for just 12 passengers, the ship has an intimate atmosphere, and her small size allows her to access some of the smaller fjords and coves along the coastline. Kinfish has an expansive deck space spread across multiple levels, two spacious lounges, and a fantastic presentation room. Read more about R/V Kinfish.

Why Natural World Safaris?

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Specialist Leaders

Our specialist-led safaris give a unique twist on your safari experience. They are led by people, famous in their field, and sometime beyond, for their expertise, and amazing skills at sharing their knowledge.

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Small Ship Size

Thanks to the smaller size of the R/V Kinfish, we are able to enter some of the more untouched and inaccessible areas of Svalbard. Combined with smaller Zodiac boats, you can gain closer access to the area’s best natural attractions.

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Wealth of Experience

We work with some of the best guides in the business; from polar researchers to expert naturalists. All of our expedition leaders have been carefully selected for their experience, personality and in-depth wildlife knowledge.

Dates & Prices svalbard

Dates and Prices for svalbard
DatePassengersTrip LengthTrip StylePrices from
1st - 10th July 20241210 Days9295
10th - 20th July 20241211 Days10295
20th - 30th July 20241211 Days10295
30th July - 9th August 20241211 Days10295
28th April - 5th May 2025129 DaysSpecialist Leader9295
5th - 13th May 2025129 DaysGraeme Purdy9895
13th - 21st May 2025129 Days8395
21st - 29th May 2025129 Days8395
28th May - 6th June 2025129 DaysChris Michel10745
6th - 14th June 2025129 Days8695
14th - 23rd June 20251210 Days9295
23rd June - 2nd July 20251210 DaysSteve Winter10895
2nd - 11th July 20251210 Days9395
11th - 21st July 20251211 DaysAndy Mann11395
21st - 31st July 202510 DaysSOLD OUT

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