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Angela Hewitt

Client Loyalty

A love of geography and curiosity about the interaction of people, their environment and nature lead me on a happy path into travel. After a gap year interrailing around Europe and working in the Alps and then university, I began as a tour guide in France and never looked back.

I have over 20 years of experience working for luxury, cultural and wildlife-focused tour operators in rolls spanning customer services, sales, product and marketing. I get huge satisfaction from working with clients to share my love and passion for travel and to ensure their travel dreams and expectations are met and exceeded.

Highlights of my travels are so many and varied. Some of my favourite memories include swimming with locals in bubbling geothermal springs in Kamchatka, meeting nomadic reindeer herders and then climbing an active volcano; getting up close with mighty Bengal tigers in India; the stark beauty of Patagonia, its varied wildlife, and the breathtaking experience of a RIB whale safari. I fell in love with everything about Arctic Norway; the people, the landscapes, the northern lights and most especially the friendly and cuddly huskies, who love nothing more than whisking you on an adrenaline-fuelled adventure through the snowy wilderness.

Your favourite travel destination and animal?

Just one favourite destination....that's impossible surely?! I haven't travelled to anywhere I haven't enjoyed or found fascinating in one aspect or another. Favourites have to include Kamchatka for its 'otherworldliness', Arctic Norway for its spectacular landscapes and authentic interactions with nature such as huskies, whales & reindeer, and Argentina for the vast wilderness of Patagonia and its endemic wildlife and the energy and passion of Buenos Aires with its culture, street tango and amazing food and wine! India, Peru, the Baltic coast, Malaysia, and Cambodia come close too though!

My favourite animal would have to be a polar bear. I love their immense size, intelligence and strength combined with their kind features and soft warm fur.

What is your most memorable wildlife encounter?

There are many. Getting close to Bengal Tigers while on elephant back in India, being super close to a huge breaching Orca whale off the Peninsular Valdes (in a RIB with holiday programme presenter Gethin Jones), spotting brown bear and witnessing reindeer migration in Kamchatka.

Why do you travel?

Travel feeds my soul and broadens my and my family's horizons. I love getting under the skin of wherever I'm visiting, getting to know local people, local culture, local delicacies, and of course experiencing the wildlife.

Aside from travelling, how do you maintain your connection to the natural world?

I'm out in nature every day with my energetic Hungarian Viszla, walking or running along local trails and footpaths, picking berries or mushrooms and enjoying the local wildlife. I need my daily nature fix!

How many countries and continents have you visited?

42 countries across 5 continents

What is your favourite souvenir from your travels?

On our honeymoon in Ladakh we chatted to a friendly local in the mountains who made intricate bronze spoons, a tradition of the region. We watched him at his craft, then he kindly gave us two spoons. A great memento of a wonderful trip.

Out of all the places you've visited, which one surprised you the most?

I think it has to be India, its a vast country of such varied landscapes, of such a spectrum of people and lifestyles from rich to poor. During my travels there I have experienced such warmth and kindness from those who have materially so little, but who are so open, warm and giving. A real lesson in humility and a wonderful way to be able to make a small positive impact on their lives too.