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Harri Whitmarsh

Head of Product: Africa, Asia and Latam

After studying primates, I started my career in travel in a guiding capacity where I led conservation focused wildlife trips primarily focused on primates in Uganda, Rwanda, Madagascar and Borneo.

After 5 years leading a gorilla trip in Uganda, I decided to travel and see as much as Africa as I could and have since visited the majority of Southern and Eastern Africa; having multiple close encounters with Wildlife, camping in some of Africa’s most famous National Parks and experiencing some of Africa’s leading lodges and camps.

My travels are almost always wildlife focused and that has led to encounters with animals all over the world, from coming face to face with orcas in the Fjords of Norway, to diving with the mantas of the Maldives and most recently visiting the polar bears of Svalbard.

Having spent the past 7 years managing a luxury portfolio for a leading London based travel company, I joined Natural World Safaris to combine my two passions; providing a curated portfolio of leading experiences and accommodation for our guests, but also focusing in on the conservation and wildlife element that I have always been so passionate about.