Top Tips for Travelling with Children

Discover our tips and advice for travelling with children on safari.

Insider Tips and Hints 

Travelling with children is wonderful, but it can also be stressful. Have a read through some of our tips for ideas on the best places to go with children, how to keep them entertained and other bits to think about during the planning stage.

Malaria free 

If you have young children or are pregnant then understandably you may with to avoid taking anti-malaria medication. The good news is that this doesn't mean that an African safari is off the books. You can still enjoy an authentic safari with sightings of the Big Five in easily accessible and family friendly destinations. This will considerably reduce stress levels and you will not be forever worrying about mosquito bites. 
NWS Top Tip: South Africa has some great malaria free options including Madikwe and Kwandwe Reserves

Time Difference 

Try and pick somewhere without a large time difference. This makes all the difference both at the start of your holiday…and when you get home. 
NWS Top Tip: South Africa, Madagascar & Kenya minimise time differences.

Books & Games

You may have a lot of down time both on holiday or whilst travelling to and from your destination. Make sure you have entertainment at your fingertips! 
NWS Top Tip: Ipad or similar is a lifesaver!


What interests your children? Safaris are not for everyone! Does your trip have the right balance of wildlife, adventure, fun and learning or is it too singularly focused? 
NWS Top Tip: Madagascar and Costa Rica family holidays offer great variety of things to do in destination.


On occasions you may need a break from the kids! Check to see if the properties you are staying at either have kids clubs, or the facility for childcare whilst you have some down time. 
NWS Top Tip: Even in African lodges there are facilities to look after the kids whether it be face painting, making bow and arrows, or learning how to track!


These take a lot of stress and worry out of your holiday. There are plenty of options these days for taking your own family safari house, villa or bungalow. These properties often come with their own private vehicle, chef and guide so offer great value for money. 
NWS Top Tip: Luangwa Safari House in Zambia is stunning as is Mara House in Kenya and Serian Camp in Tanzania.


It doesn’t have to be expensive, but let your kids have their own camera! This will help keep them amused and will help them record some great memories.

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