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Seeing the world through the eyes of your children

We used to think we could design family safaris really well, until a few of us had kids, and then...we realised we could design them really, really, well. A family holiday is truly a work of art and not always easy to pull off. You have a group of people of varying ages, different interests, different sexes and their own individual opinions...and you have to ensure that they are all happy!

Thankfully the natural world is an area that never ceases to inspire interest in people of all ages, opinions and persuasions; there is something to engage everyone whether it be marvelling at a dung beetle as it rolls its merry way through the African dust, reaching the summit of Maccu Piccu, or tracking the tigers of India. The natural world is our niche and it provides the ultimate playground for families of all backgrounds.

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Rainforest walk, Costa Rica

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Costa Rica Family

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Panther chameleon, Madagascar | © Shannon Wild

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