• Nosy be, Madagascar September

Madagascar Weather in September

The weather in September is the end of the cooler season and temperatures start to increase without much more rain (rainy season begins again in September). This is arguably one of the best times to head to Madagascar on holiday.

Children generally go back to school at the start of the month, so it is quiet when compared to July and August. Warmer weather means wildlife that was hibernating in August is now active again; chameleons, snakes, lizards, small lemurs and rodents are again roaming through Madagascar’s jungles and desert plains in plain sight. There is also still a chance to see the last remaining humpback whales off the coast of Ile Sainte Marie. 

This is the last month of whale watching season and some may have already started their long journey back to Antarctic waters, but spotting them in the warm coastal Malagasy waters is still very likely and recommended at this time of year.


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Milky way from Isalo, Madagascar September

September is one of the best times to head to the beach and most of the coastal areas have perfect temperatures for relaxing in the sun, snorkelling or exploring by canoe. Parks such as Isalo, which are generally very hot, are still a great temperature to travel.

Many lemurs are known to give birth at this time of year; this means the baby lemurs grow up with ample food around to make them strong. It may be possible to spot them, but we recommend going in October to maximise sightings of this.                            

September is the peak of Madagascar’s bird breeding season, so it is an excellent time if you are a bird watcher. In fact so many of our clients have come back from Madagascar saying that the birds were an unexpected highlight, and we’d have to agree. There is such a spectacularly huge array of endemic birds, it’s hard not to be mesmerised by their stunning colours and unique characteristics.

Overall, September is a top time to travel to Madagascar. The wildlife is rich and active; the beaches warm and sunny, whales are still seen on the coasts and bird are breeding. Pretty perfect really.

Panther chameleon by Shannon Wild


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