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Luxury Madagascar Safari

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Luxury Madagascar Safari

This exhilarating adventure through some of Madagascar’s most biodiverse regions showcases the best of its wildlife and natural splendour. Lacking in the big game and fierce predators of its African relatives, Madagascar offers a unique and ‘hands on’ experience for your safari. A range of weird and wonderful insects and reptiles can be discovered and closely inspected, and the instant appeal of cuddly lemurs is magnetic for many travellers.

What to expect?

Wildlife Reserves

Enjoy exploring Andasibe/Perinet National Park with your local wildlife guide. A montane forest park offering the chance to spot a variety of lemurs, reptiles and birds. One of its most famous inhabitants is the indri, the largest of lemur with a black and white teddy bear-like appearance. You hear the Indri before you see them and waking up to their songs of communication in the early hours of the morning with the mist still hugging the rainforest canopy is a unique experience. Best to leave early morning to be near the Indri when they make their distinctive morning group communication calls.

Situated in the Ifotaka Reserve, during your stay at Mandrare River Camp you’ll explore the gallery forests, home to ring-tailed lemurs and verreaux sifakas. These deciduous forests are full of flora and fauna which your guide will point out. In the afternoon, enjoy sundowners at their version of ‘Avenue des Baobabs’. With 99 baobabs and a mountain as a backdrop and no one else in sight, this really is a magical place and a great way to end your day! In the afternoon, enjoy sundowners at their version of ‘Avenue des Baobabs’.

Night Walks

Enjoy a night walk to spot the nocturnal mouse lemurs, the sleeping birds, chameleons, owls and sportive lemurs and really experience this rare and important environment up close and immerse yourself in the biological and cultural diversity of Madagascar.

Private Island of Miavana

Take a scenic helicopter flight over to the private island of Miavana. On arrival onto the island, you will be picked up in your own electric vehicle and transferred to the main area for a quick introduction to the island and activities available, before being driven to your Miavana villa to relax. Choose from the variety of activities available including the ‘Blue Safari’ guided water activities that will provide fascinating insights as you explore the aquamarine bays, beaches, lagoons and channels of the archipelago. Complementary activities include: guided lemur trekking (and boat transfers to the mainland adjacent), forest walks, scuba diving around Miavana and scuba diving lessons, snorkelling, cultural visit on Miavana, boat cruises, shore based fishing and half day fishing trips, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, kite surfing, bicycling.


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NWS started as World Primate Safaris more than a decade ago. There is no better team to take you to discover the unique primates of Madagascar. Our dedicated naturalist guide has hosted research groups, film crews and dignitaries; his knowledge is encyclopedic.


Enjoy travel through Madagascar by private light aircraft and helicopter flights throughout your journey, staying in the ultimate luxury and exclusive properties.

Miavana Villa

Accommodation highlights

Mandrare River Camp

Set on the banks of the Mandrare River this tented camp is a fantastic base to explore the surrounding forests and mountains. With ample wildlife living in these areas it is possible that you won’t have to leave the comfort of your tent to spot one of Madagascar’s endemic creatures.


Perfectly combining conservation, superb guiding and luxurious villas, Miavana is one of Madagascar’s most unique destinations. An ultra luxurious lodge, designed by the architects of the impeccable North Island in the Seychelles, with one, two and three bedroomed villas spaced out along the western coast, guests can enjoy views of the azure bays of Nosy Ankao, as well as stunning views across to the mountainous landscapes of the mainland.

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