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Short Madagascar Safari


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Short Madagascar Safari

In this safari you can experience a vast amount of wildlife in a short amount of time. Head into Andasibe National Park and Mantadia Reserve to offer you a truly unique insight into the initial fauna and flora of Madagascar. See a plentitude of lemurs, reptiles and other wildlife, as well as going on a noctornal walk to see how the park comes alive at night. Head over to Anjajavy to continue your adventure. Then head over to Anjajavy Private Reserve to witness diverse topography, blissful beaches and coves, as well as seeing some of the endemic wildlife for which this country is renowned.

What to expect ?

Begin your journey in Andasibe National Park, where you'll awaken to the calls of the Indri lemurs. At night, set out with torches to discover chameleons and nocturnal lemurs, witnessing the park's vibrant nightlife.

Experience the unique opportunity to photograph various lemurs, including those that playfully cross your balcony at Palmarium Reserve.

Palmarium Reserve is a unique reserve with the Transition to Anjajavy Private Reserve to explore a range of landscapes, from pristine beaches to scenic coves. Witness the incredible diversity of endemic wildlife that Madagascar is renowned for.


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See a vast amount of wildlife in a short period of time. Indri, brown lemur, greater and golden bamboo lemur and dwarf lemur, as well as a huge array of other wildlife and reptiles (leopard Chamaleon, Leaf tail gecko) and birdlife, marine life.

National Parks

Wander in Andasibe and Mantadia parks in search of a multitude of lemurs and reptiles and take night walks to spot noctornal creatures. Anjajavy is home to a huge range of endemic birds including the critically endangered Madigascan fish eagle and the rare crested ibis.

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Accommodation Highlights

Mantadia Lodge

Perfectly situated for exploring Andasibe and Mantadia National Parks and its elevated position allows for panoramic views over the rainforest. This modern hotel has 25 rooms which are equipped with WiFi and a wood stove which is perfect for keeping warm in cooler months. The lodge also has a pleasant swimming pool and a restaurant which serves delicious local fare with a French twist.

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