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Madagascar Weather in February

The weather in February in Madagascar is not desirable. If January started off the wet season, February's weather is its peak, with a high risk of cyclones, especially in the northeast and heavy downpours stretching up and down the island.

This heavy rain makes reaching certain parks and accommodations impossible, and hence some of them actually close themselves to tourism between January and March. Dirt tracks become heavy set with thick mud, making driving and walking difficult and long, sometimes near impossible. 


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Satanic leaf-tailed gecko, Madagascar | © Shannon Wild

The temperature remains warm in February, resulting in high humidity, hovering around the 30 degree mark in the south and cooling by a few degrees as you head further north.

We do not recommend travel to any of our clients between the months of January and March due to the weather, inability to travel to some areas and accommodations being closed. If you are looking to travel to Madagascar outside of the peak season, whether it is for a quieter time away, or to make the most out of the lower rates, you can consider April or December which still feature some of the heavy rains, but are much more enjoyable times to travel.

We do not recommend travel to Madagascar in February. For advice on alternatives, please contact us via the button below.

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