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The world is becoming a smaller place as transport and communications mean that the world’s furthest corners become increasingly accessible. Frontier by NWS attempts to counter this by offering truly unique experiences across the globe that incorporate the more inaccessible destinations or uniquely rare experiences that are only available to very few. Frontier is not about taking risks, it is about pushing the boundaries. Frontier returns to the origins of travel and the explorer mind-set, with experiences that take you out of your comfort zone and into the realm of the pioneer, an opportunity to navigate new territories with confidence thanks to the support of an expert team.

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pioneering Frontier travel with natural world Safaris

Frontier is a forever developing niche of our business as we discover new corners of countries to explore and uncover new products to enjoy. Below lists just a select few options of what we can offer through Frontier by Natural World Safaris.

Explore One of Africa's Last Wild Frontiers: Chad

Explore Zakouma National Park, one of the last remaining untouched wildernesses in Africa. You have a week in total in the park alongside your dedicated guide, Richard Anderson. The park is quiet, and your plans are flexible. Search for wildlife on the plains, from lion and giraffe, to huge elephant herds, crocodiles and birds, visit local markets, try wild fly-camping and even enjoy some thrilling night exploration. This is a wild experience in a place travelled by few - certainly not your average African safari, but a true insight into an untamed ecosystem.

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The Ice Grizzlies of the Yukon

In early October the winter conditions start to set in, and the wet fur of the salmon-hunting grizzlies, starts to freeze, appearing almost like white dreadlocks. This natural phenomenon is not known to occur anywhere else in the world, and there is around a two week window each year in which it can be experienced. Head out into the wilderness for some adrenaline-fuelled encounters in a very wild environment.

Frontier Whale Experiences

In Dominica, analyse the weather and movements of the sperm whales to get you in the right place at the right time to see these magnificent creatures and if the conditions allow it, swim with them too. These gentle giants reach over 20 metres in length but despite their size, pose no threat to humans.

Indian Ocean Reunion Swimming With Humpback Whales Patrick Dykstra Use

Patrick Dykstra

Expert Marine Videographer and Photographer

Patrick Dykstra

Expert Marine Videographer and Photographer

We’ve collaborated with Patrick Dykstra who is well-known among the nature documentary field. He is the visionary for the trip and even though he won’t be on-board, his involvement has been key in creating our 2023 expert team, along with being at the centre of developing this experience. He won a BAFTA for his cinematography work on BBC’s Blue Planet 2 and has also filmed major nature programs for Netflix, National Geographic, Apple, Discovery, BBC and others. His latest feature film about his friendship with a sperm whale titled 'Patrick and the Whale' was released in September 2022. Read more about Patrick.

Track the World's Largest Feline Predator

This pioneering safari takes you into deepest Russia in search of Siberian Tigers. It is unlikely you will actually see one, but it is about the experience of being in the wild environment and contributing to their continued survival. Staying in a remote cabin, you venture out each day with expert and conservationist, Alexander Batalov, setting camera traps and collecting previous ones, before watching the footage you've captured in the evening. We are the only company to date to have put clients in front of one of the only remaining living breathing Siberian tigers left in the world. Alexander has dedicated his life to the conservation of the beautiful Siberian tigers. Born in Russia, he established the Durminskoye Reserve and works tirelessly researching, directing and protecting their last remaining habitat.