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Everything you need to know about spirit bear holidays

Bright white against the dense green forests on the coast of British Columbia, these ‘spirit’ bears are a sight to behold. You explore the coast on an expedition ship that delves into untouched fiords and plies through peaceful waters, pierced by inquisitive humpbacks.

Almost exclusive to the Great Bear Rainforest of British Columbia, spirit bears feed on vegetation, abundant with bulbs, fruit, insects and rodents, as well as delicious salmon throughout the summer to fatten up for the long cold winters.

Watching these beautiful creatures swiping fish from spawning streams with their strong jaws and claws is an incredible sight, and in fact, spirit bears appear more successful than the blacks at this - perhaps owing to their colour being less obvious to the fish below the water.

These white black bears are a sight to behold against the vivid greens of the great bear rainforest.

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Kermode (spirit) bears can be black or white, and it is not uncommon to see black mums with white cubs, or vice versa. It is thought that spirit bears are actually better than their black counterparts at fishing as their coat makes them difficult for the fish to see. You can stay at Spirit Bear Lodge and search for these elusive bears, or cruise the coast on the Pacific Yellowfin.

Canada has such a wealth of incredible wildlife, it's a wonder why more people don't explore there. On the right itinerary, you can see black bears, grizzly bears, spirit bears and humpback whales all in one awesome trip!

Download our grizzly bear guide for more information on grizzlies.

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