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Everything you need to know about a tiger safari in India

You’ll feel the atmosphere of the jungle change when a tiger is close. The air fills with the sound of animal warnings and you can feel the tension as a majestic tiger enters their territory. On your tiger watching safari, your first glimpse might just be the white flecks of hair on the tiger’s ears as he stalks through long grassland, occasionally catching a flash of bright orange or black. 


We track down forest pathways that are the favourite haunts of our feline friends, and use local guides with intimate knowledge of the tiger’s natural habitats to maximise your chances of watching one of these remarkable endangered big cats in their natural habitat.



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Expert view: Will Bolsover

Expert view: Will Bolsover

This is an experience not to be underestimated. Seeing these beasts up close and personal on a tiger safari beats any other big cat sighting in the the world.

Bengal tiger in India by Russ MacLaughlin

the bengal tiger

The tiger is the largest of the big cats reaching four metres in length and weighing in at around 300 kilograms. Tigers have an unmistakable and unique black striped pattern over orange fur which helps them to stay camouflaged as they lay in wait for their prey. No two tigers will have the same stripes, similar to the fingerprints of a human. Generally they are solitary except during mating season and when the female has cubs with her.

Renowned for their strength and power, they hunt alone taking medium to larger prey, travelling long distances to catch buffalo and wild pigs, as well as other large mammals. They are one of the few cats that are very comfortable in water often swimming or lounging in the shallows to cool off.

Bengal tigers are the most common subspecies of tiger and live in India, becoming a huge part of their tradition and lore over time. Females with give birth to litters of between two and six cubs at a time and proceed to look after them for about two or three years when they leave to find their own territory.

Tigers are endangered to critically endangered with only around 3200 animals left in the wild with 3 subspecies already extinct. (Balinese, Javan, Caspian tiger).

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Bengal tigers | © Steve Winter

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