• Patrick Dykstra

About Patrick Dykstra, Expert marine videographer and photographer

About Patrick Dykstra, Expert marine videographer and photographer

Well known among the nature documentary field, Patrick Dykstra has worked with the likes of the BBC as well as producing content for Emirates Airlines and the government of Sri Lanka. He is renowned for capturing footage of difficult to reach locations and unique landscapes and wildlife. 

Born in Colorado, and an ex-lawyer, Patrick quit the rat race to pursue his dream of underwater photography. Over the years Patrick has become an expert at both underwater and aerial photography which allows him to capture stunning images of not only the wildlife he works with, but also his clients alongside these majestic creatures. 

Here's what Patrick himself has to say about our long-running partnership:

Patrick Dykstra

Conservation is of utmost importance to Patrick and he ensures he obtains the correct permits and works with sustainable local companies when running safaris. He was at the forefront of blue whale exploration and documentation in Sri Lanka and worked on important research surrounding the behaviour of killer whales in Iceland. Patrick has led trips with NWS in Sri LankaDominica, and Norway

Patrick Dykstra now works with Natural World Safaris all over the globe, from the frigid fjords of Norway with its population of orcas and humpback whales to the tropical waters around Dominica, home to families of sperm whales. Patrick and his team work to get you in the right place at the right time to encounter incredible marine life. He will also offer guidance on how to use your underwater photography equipment to best capture these huge creatures on camera.

Patrick is an enthusiastic adrenaline junkie who is a pleasure to work and travel with. We have been running safaris with him for more than three years now, and we look forward to many more!

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