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Norway Wildlife Highlights

Although wildlife might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of Norway, this northern country offers an array of unique wildlife experiences. The majority of our Norway safaris travel during the winter months to make the most of the whale species that can be seen off the coast around Tromsø and the dog sledding adventures that can be had in the snow. This can be seen as a difficult time to travel due to the darkness of polar night, but our Swimming with Killer Whales Safari departs in November and January to capitalise on the combination of whale congregations, enough daily light and the stunning Aurora Borealis at night.

Apart from whales, there are a number of other species that can be seen across the country. Which wildlife you see depends on where you travel and at what time of year.

Dive in with whales off the coast of tromsø for a wildlife experience like no other.

Norway, scenery

The mammals of Norway

The main wildlife highlight of mainland Norway are the whales that can be found off the coast and in the fjords around Tromsø and Tromvik. The species you can see vary throughout the year, but you are likely to see orca and humpbacks during the winter months. If you travel to the Lofoten Islands in summer you can head out to a major feeding ground of sperm whales for spectacular sightings of these gentle giants. In addition to whales, you may spot dolphins, porpoises and otters too, as well as land mammals such as moose and reindeer.

For even more marine mammals you should head further north to Arctic Norway and the Spitsbergen Archipelago in Svalbard This is the destination for our Polar Bear Explorer expeditions which venture out in search of walrus, seals, Arctic foxes and, of course, the King of the Arctic, the mighty polar bear. 

Combine the northern lights and outdoor activities with wildlife ENCOUNTERS for the perfect norway safari.

Puffin, Svalbard

A bird lover's paradise

The Lofoten and Vesteralen Islands are a dream for bird lovers. Whether you travel specifically to see the entertaining puffin colonies or just want to encounter an array of bird species, these colourful islands are sure to delight. From fulmars and skuas to glaucous gulls, eider ducks and kittiwakes, there is plenty to photograph and tick off your sighting list on a trip to Norway. The Røst Islands are home to the largest colony of puffins in all of Norway, so those serious about spotting these attractive avian creatures should add these islands to their list! 

Svalbard, too, is a bird lover’s paradise. Many venture to the Arctic north to witness the larger species but are often surprised about how much they enjoy their birding experiences during their expedition. Alkefjellet is an incredible bird cliff in Svalbard, where you will find hundreds of thousands of Brunnich’s guillemots. This is a scene unlike anything else you will see in the world and therefore makes for an unforgettable part of your trip.

With birds often comes predators too, so even for those who don’t consider birding a priority as part of their safari, look out for foxes on the prowl around bird cliffs for excellent predatory action.

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