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Lofoten Islands

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Lofoten Islands

The Lofoten Islands are a collection of islands lying in the Nordland county of Norway. This region is known for its dramatic scenery; towering ice-capped mountains and sprawling open sea, contrasting with stunning sheltered bays and pristine sandy beaches. The Lofoten Islands are quite an anomaly when it comes to climate, as they experience relatively warm temperatures for their high Arctic latitude. This warmth makes them an ideal place for exploring in summer as you can make the most of the midnight sun while enjoying outdoor activities and birdwatching.

The Wildlife of the Lofoten Islands

Thanks to its varied topography, the Lofoten Islands are home to a huge variety of wildlife both on land and out to sea. The southern islands actually lie on the Røst Reef which boasts the world’s largest deep water coral reef. Other water-based wildlife that can be seen during boat trips or coastal walks includes birdlife such as sea eagles, cormorants and puffins and otters which are common throughout the fjords. On land, look out for moose and other bird species that nest in the mountains and cliffs.

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