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Encounters with the Ocean’s Giants


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Orca Family Above Bw Credit Patrick Dykstra

Swimming with Orcas & Humpback Whales

Exclusive Small Group

Based in Skjervoy, this safari offers the unique opportunity to swim with, and photograph orcas and humpbacks in the wild Norwegian waters. Surrounded by icy fjords and imposing glaciers, learn about the whales and various photography and videography projects with our specialist leader, Joshua Barton. In the evenings, there is the opportunity to see the Northern Lights.

The whales have come to Skjervoy to hunt for herring, they can often be found in large groups known as pods. Watch them in your private fishing vessel with Josh and the experienced captain. Josh has been running these trips almost the entire time in which orcas have been found migrating to these waters.

Big Male Orca B W Credit Patrick Dykstra
Tromso Dock


  • Witness one of nature’s most incredible sites, the world’s largest killer whale aggregation
  • Swim along next to the immense killer whales and humpback whales as they feed on herring shoals
  • Learn tried and tested techniques of how to capture images of wildlife in their natural environment
  • Exclusive to only 4 guests per departure, your group will decide when to head back to dry land for dinner
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Day 1: Arrive Tromso

Arrive into Tromso this evening. You will be met by Joshua Barton and transferred to your accommodation to enjoy the rest of the evening at your own leisure to get excited about the adventure to come.

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Day 2: Tromso – Skjervoy

Have this morning at your own leisure in Tromsø; if you feel like a casual coffee stop by Smørtorget for delicious pastries and local artwork in a friendly and relaxed setting. In the afternoon, meet Josh and the rest of your group to start our journey 160km north to Skjervoy.

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Days 3 - 8: Whale Watching

Head out from the harbour around 9am; most often we find orca within 5km of Skjervoy, but if they are further afield we will modify plans to leave earlier. We get on the boat in our gear - we are in our gear the whole day, albeit they are short days due to the daylight hours at this time of year. When you find the whales, you’ll be able to take to the water and swim alongside these magnificent mammals. There is no time limit on how long you can spend in the water, but it will depend on the weather, sea and light conditions as well as the behaviour of the whales themselves. Your group will decide when you want to head back to dry land where you can enjoy dinner. Each day will vary and the exact itinerary will depend on the cetaceans’ locations. You may not find the whales every day, however when not actively swimming with the whales, you will be able to see the beautiful landscapes around Skjervoy and learn about the whales and various photography and videography projects from Josh. Meals will be at your own convenience, Skjervoy has one hotel and a few eateries as well as one supermarket. You will have dinner with your group as well as enjoying group discussions and plenty of marine documentaries. There is also the chance to see the Northern Lights.

Four Orcas Credit Patrick Dykstra
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Day 9: Skjervoy – Tromso

This morning, we will start the journey back to Tromso. Depending on weather conditions, this will take between three – six hours. Don’t worry there will be lots of stops along the way for restroom breaks and food and drink, before heading to the airport for your flight home.

Joshua Barton Photo

"As a photographer, I felt I owed it to the viewer to provide something that represented me, my effort, my time, my passion. A painter or sculptor will put days, months or even years into providing one great work; so as a photographer I want to do more than press a button on a machine made by someone else to take a card-full of snapshots - I want to show people things that they dream of, in ways that they hadn't imagined."

The Experience

Safety of our clients and the whales is top priority. The whales come to us, we do not chase or harass the whales. Our technique is to read the whale and its pattern and position the boat in the right spot with the engine off for the whale to come to us.

Swimming alongside orcas is something you are never likely to forget, but before you take the plunge, it is imperative to prepare for your time in the water. Winter in the Norwegian Arctic means cold temperatures and limited light, with temperatures generally ranging between -5°C and 5°C in the region where the whales will be. Needless to say, proper clothing and insulation are required in order to remain safe and comfortable at these temperatures. If you have booked a place on this expedition, proper swimming gear will be essential.

This safari is exclusive to a maximum guests of 4 guests, and needs a minimum of 2 to run. The single supplement price is £600.

For more information and to download the full brochure, please get in contact using the form below.

Dates & Prices Norway

Dates and Prices for Norway
DatePassengersTrip LengthTrip StylePrices from
01 - 08 Nov 202449 DaysSwimming with Whales - Two Spaces Left6300
10 - 17 Nov 202449 DaysSwimming with Whales6300
19 - 26 Nov 202449 DaysSwimming with Whales6300
01 - 08 Nov 202547 DaysSwimming with Whales6300
10 - 17 Nov 202547 DaysSwimming with Whales6300
19 - 26 Nov 202547 DaysSwimming with Whales6300

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